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IRL - Where is a good place at level 59 (1 Viewer)

Barindu has always treated me pretty well around that level, GOD mobs seem to have lower HP then most in that range too.
GoD mobs had terrible high HP in era. I am assuming your view of "lower" HP is from TSS/Moor's type stuff? 59 is hard, but GE? still ok.. POP zones be ok (CoD is good plus lots of sellable drops).
If you are not keyed for BoT and Magellan won't go to Plane of Decay? Where would you go to level?
CoD is a nice place! Understood you don't care for it but...... Have your PLee's Sit in PoT and round up the entire zone with your SK. Bring them to zone in and get off your AoE agro and have little guys zone in. DS and rake in the xp and zone out. Oh yeah, make sure to use Lesson as it doesn't count down in PoT. Very relaxed xp and you can eat BBQ while waiting for the zone to respawn.
The Hole doesn't have quite the experience modifier it had in years past, but the mobs still have fairly low HP making it a good place to grind for quite a long time.

Paw has been one of my favorites in that range for a long time.

Both have good mob density (depending on where you are in the zone) and decent vendor trash as a nice bonus.
I was in the Steppes iirc , and had a mele caster merc doing main dps for my bard, and my 90 BST was pulling with slow and taking care of any pesky ads via pat attack.
once i hit 60 i could group BST and Bard and i Took off for Dragonscale hills , one of my fave spots on my BST before Mercs opened on Mischief , after that was Field of scale and the Hatchery. and also working on the illusion mask on my bard, so zone was safe.
IRL - Where is a good place at level 59

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