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Strategy - Where are we at in 2020 with best box groups? (1 Viewer)


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Jun 2, 2016
I may be a little biased, since SK was the first toon I made in 2000 but if we're talking about group content (excluding raid gear/usage) the main reason I always say my "main" is the SK (even though I have 20 effing toons) is because you can take an SK through almost all content solo and pretty much know you have very little chance of dying. You can go back and get your older content hero's AAs well into TBM solo/molo - you just can't do that with a War. So if you like to roll around on 1 box for stuff, SK is king (and SK/BRD/MAG trio can literally do anything if you know them well)

But my go-to 6 box for questing/group content is always:
SHM (CLR is better but c'mon stop dying mid combat and you're fine)
MAG (dungeon COH is more valuable than krono!)
May 25, 2011
I`m assuming cleric, but should i do cleric shammy? My play style, will be fuck off farming and leveling newer zones for shits and giggles on FV - So eventually will have a 12box going, but for now need a main to screw with.,
Mar 9, 2017
Double healer is more a safety setup. Its very useful in some tough instances and zones, but overall will slow your leveling exp or killrate/hr.

I'd go cleric-bst. It gives you a backup healer, pet to tank if SK is battle-rezzed, nearly the same buffs as sham plus better +atk buffs and mana/end regen. Another popular setup would be cler-zerk(x3). You let the zerks drop to below 25% endurance if you're chainpulling and use Breather (EoK era) to keep your endurance rolling. More zerks lets you share the bonuses from target debuffs like overpowering frenzy (+25% frenzy dmg) or Intimidate (+50% frenzy dmg) and use alliance/covenent more reliably on Named.

A popular setup is to put your 2nd healer on same account as 3rd DPS. So if you need a healer, you log out a DPS and sub in the healer for the mission or zone. If you're going full FTP, you can just put everybody on their own accounts.

Sham as main healer is great for a melee dps group, but it a little more advanced setup. You can definitely do it, but I'd go cleric starting out and then see if you can use sham as main healer once you have all your macros/plugins/ini's setup the way you want.
Jul 14, 2016
I would like to add a bit that I have learned over the last few months. I have been juggling around setups a lot and there is one thing that I must say: When you are talking about setups, something that must be thought about is the gear and AA level of your tank. The setup must take this into account. If your tank is weak, then in my opinion you absolutely need 2 healers to handle new content in a way that avoids you wanting to pull your hair out. If your tank is overgeared and has a shit ton of AAs, then you can get by with one healer.

In principle, your group will be facing new and challenging content every new expansion and 2 healers will make your life easier to get through that time. Once your tank's gear improves, you can switch to grind mode and drop the second healer for a DPS. So as Smokeybear72 said, plan your accounts accordingly.

One theoretical way to bypass this dependance on a well geared tank is to always main the puller and only bring back singles. To be honest, I have not tested this theory since discovering how well Kiss drives an Enchanter! Pull 4 and let him handle it! With multipulls, the tank needs some decent gear.

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