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Discussion - What would you complement a warrior cleric combo? (1 Viewer)


Oct 14, 2023
Since I already have this characters from the past what could I use to complement them to build a 4 char team?
Since I already have this characters from the past what could I use to complement them to build a 4 char team?
Hiya cjt,

You first need to ask yourself if you lean toward melee or casters. Always look at toons you're interested in playing first.

Then realize you may as well go 6....sorry, I had to say it cuz you'll likely end up there as we all do.

Keep in mind the holy grail TANK (you have) --> HEALER (you have) --> Crowd Control (enc/brd) --> DPS
Enchanter or bard for crowd control.

DPS of your choice.

Then just bite the bullet and make 2 new accounts with additional DPS of your choice because you'll be 6-boxing before you know it anyway.

DPS picks really are player preference. Some are better than others, but most folks split their crews into melee or caster. Enchanters are typically paired with caster groups and bards with melee, although that's not a hard and fast rule. It seems to be mostly player preference also.

Example caster crew: WAR/CLR/ENCH/MAG/MAG/MAG or WAR/CLR/BRD/MAG/NEC/BST or WAR/CLR/ENCH/WIZ/NEC/MAG or whatever else you can imagine up using casters or half-casters.

There are so many permutations. Point being: take a ENCH or BRD, then pick 3 DPS including those 2 new accounts you're now going to make :)
Thanks everyone for the recommendations, I will probably raise both a bard and an enchanter and test what I like best.
WAR, CLR, BRD, is a pretty sweet trio and i prefer ENC as the WAR runs out of tools to AE taunt. AE mez has saved me way to much with this trio :)
Noted, I am still scared of how paper like enchanters are but like I said I will try it and see what it is like now
Noted, I am still scared of how paper like enchanters are but like I said I will try it and see what it is like now
I took my 6 box from 1-120 and the only time my enchanter ever died was when the entire group wiped. due to my tank not being where he needed to be at.

Also, Enchanters get a pretty sweet line of rune spells that should allow you to take a hit (if this happens for some reason) giving your tank more than enough time to pick up aggro.

The only reason I get concerned about my other toons is when I'm running hunter tank (cwtn) without doing the proper research beforehand (i.e respawns behind you/on top of you, etc..). That'll def... kill ya.
My main group has been warrior, cleric, bard, bst, ber, rog (monk before rog).
Leveled from 1 to 115 so far with this group and had no issues.

I'm weary to continue using my enchanter. I have my enc running in pal/shm/mag/dru/enc/rng.
I didn't see him bring much dps to the table, and so I thought his aDPS and utility would provide more benefit...
Earlier this week I replaced my enc with a 110 bard and overall group dps increased. He might have lost his spot.....
Unless something has changed recently Enchanters are very good defensively with their runes and other cooldowns. They might not bring as much adps to the group as a bard does (especially melee groups), but they are also a couple orders of magnitude better at CC than Bards are.

IMO Ench/Cleric is best when you really want to push the limits of what your group is capable of.
Plenty of options since you already have tank/healer covered. I'd vote bard in one slot for sure. Fills the gap in CC/pulling for when that's needed, and also hugely buffs warrior DPS. After that, it's a bit of a dealer's choice of a damage dealer. I'd go beastlord or mage. Beastlord would lean into buffing melees even more, further beefing up your warrior and any rogue mercs or melee toons you add. Mage would give you some convenience with call of the hero, and mages are just all around very strong.
Noted, I am still scared of how paper like enchanters are but like I said I will try it and see what it is like now
Enc is not paper.....Done well with a few hundred thousand worth of Runes - Ive seen the Enc pushed forward to tank the raid mob to tank it while other folks get into position...and they lived.
I'd probably pair your War/Clr with a Brd/Mag/Bst/Rog
Brd speed and double-invis make life so much easier. Then at times, having CoH will make getting your team around easier as well as give you high DS, nukes, and pet. The Bst will cover some additional buffs, slows, mana regen on top of bard song. You'll never have mana issues. The Rog will benefit from being teamed up with the Bst and Brd. Not to mention it is nice having some Rog sneak when needed :)
Not sure what era you're playing in. Being in the level 85 spot I feel that a War, Clr, Sha, Bard would give TONS of ADPS, Heals, and decent DPS.
I like group manuverability ..

War/cler/bard/mage/wiz/rogue or bst..

war/cleric self explanitory

bard -puller , CC , mez AE mez , selo's and tracking

mage - off tank, DS , mod rods, CoTH , dps

wiz- dps , evac, ports ,snare

Rogue - DPS period .. SoS corpse retrieval ..

Beast - DPS , pet tank, snare, paragon (mana regen)
for warrior and cleric, bard without a doubt. Warrior and cleric are two low utility classes and bard will round out a lot of weak spots. My 2nd choice would be an enchanter.
Discussion - What would you complement a warrior cleric combo?

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