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Discussion - Post Patch Stuff (1 Viewer)

Jul 11, 2020
So, after the patch, I'm finding some fun and some not-so-fun results.

1. The AC reduction on the CoV t3 range item was quite significant (67 AC reduction) :argh:
2. Zlandicar Reborn mission seemed to go smoothly for tank/spank, but I did see a bit more HP fluctuation from my team than I did before. Not sure if that was just a fluke of this 1 run, or something changed from the patch. Time will tell I guess.
3. Zlandicar Reborn loot drops was cool (1 Crystallized Restless Velium Ore + 3 armor ornaments added along with the normal loot table mix)
4. Olwen got glitched...No one is making any t1 armor now 🤦‍♂️
5. Velium Threaded Broadsword (RIP Warriors)

What other interesting finds have others encountered so far?
Aug 12, 2018
Really handy for those of us who tribute items is the new display on the item itself (when you open the window) shows how much tribute it will give.

But I think this might drive up some prices on stuff I used to get cheap in the baz ;)

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