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Discussion - Pack your $#!t and get out! (1 Viewer)


Mad Scientist
Feb 9, 2017
You guys are goofy. Step 1: Buy Plot... Step 2... Buy Houses (1 of each type for ease of sorting, imo, or groups of types for different goods if you're a true hoarder...) Now place the first house, and fill it up. Then put it into your backpack and place the second house... fill... place in backpack.../repeat with all houses until all of your stuff is neatly stored in a house that is in a bag... 1 room houses hold 250 'any' item... 3 room houses hold 300 'any' item. The only real difference is the rent price and the number of 'decoration' items... Crates can also be used in this way for 'Placeable' items... So 1 40 slot bag filled with houses can contain over 10,000 items... not sure if you can fill a house with crates and pull it up with the crates still inside because I have not quite lost the last shred of my sanity yet. :)
Yah, found this out when I ended up with eviction crates in my parcel haha
Jul 14, 2016
I think those are the droppable snowballs from velious. A guildy collected a lot to create a light path for his home terrain

oh i mean just in general.. We had armory rooms with weapons placed on walls.. a shield room (which looked awesome btw, highly recommend, so many shield models in EQ), just so much STUFF.. honestly i think we reached the limit for placeables in the largest ggh (palatial?) ..
Aug 26, 2015
Ahhh yes!
For many years I have had an alt guild and currently have apx 40 houses or so. I rarely sell anything TS related and keep everything perpetually until I need it. HAORDER!

Each house is thematic for one TS or another arranged by areas in the housing. This was purpose built this way originally so I've not had to do much shuffling around.

With 9x 115s (all paid accts) it helps a lot to have the room to spread out.

Back when I started this, I was the only one I knew doing it this way.


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