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Question - Noticed weird behavior with ninjaadvloot (1 Viewer)


I <3 SKs *kissy face*
Jun 16, 2019
Hey everyone,

I’m working on finishing up old partisans where I need each group member to loot a certain number of quest items.

Because of that, I have mq2autoloot turned off. Anyway, I noticed after I have loot on corpses, ninjaadvloot is doing stuff with them. It seemed like it was mostly leaving things on corpses and removing them from my advloot window. I thought this was weird because I have loot=0 in my KA ini.

Has anyone else noticed this?
Oct 23, 2016
I was using autoloot for that, with the tag |quest|## to sort that out on the loot.ini files. It distributed loot normally.

For ninjadvloot, i always used the command to turn loot off, not the entry in the kiss ini. Never had that kind of issue doing like that.
The command to turn loot on and off while kiss is running are : /looton 1 and /looton 0
Oct 7, 2015
After every VV update I replace the ninja INC file with my own which is completely stripped of all functionality. I run these lines from a batch file after every update. Ninjadvloot is really only needed for EMU servers which do not have ADV LOOT capability.

copy /Y c:\mq2\release\macros\Ninjadvloot.inc.BigDaddy c:\mq2\release\macros\ninjadvloot.inc
copy /Y c:\mq2\release\macros\Ninjadvloot.inc.BigDaddy c:\mqn\macros\ninjadvloot.inc

| Ninjadvloot.inc v6.2 07/27/2020 Redguides.com
| Updated: Stripped file to render it useless 7/27/2020 by BigDaddy
| Usage: add the following to your macro for looting
|   #include Ninjadvloot.inc
|   /call SetupAdvLootVars
|   /call LootMobs or /call UseAdvLoot

Sub SetupAdvLootVars(string ChangeIniFile)
/echo BD_NINJALOOT: Ninja Loot got called for intial setup!

Sub LootMobs
/echo BD_NINJALOOT: Ninja Loot got called for looting mobs!

Sub UseAdvLoot
/echo BD_NINJALOOT: Ninja Loot got called for using Advanced Loot!

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