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Question - nontanking warrior (1 Viewer)


May 5, 2016
Is there a way to get my warrior to assist and not try to get agro?
you didn't say what automation, nor post in a place that would let anyone know what you're using.

gonna have to let folks know to be able to help you.

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Please make sure to post in the respective discussion thread, and check the FAQ/Commands/Wiki for information before posting.


I am not a complete idiot!..some parts are missing
Jun 12, 2015
dont use taunt and other hate building skils?

if you are using cwtn plugin, there should be a handy chart on the resource for mq2war on how to not aggro.

if you are using other tools, then well dont use the skills that build aggro
Mar 2, 2019
The quick answer is yes. If you are using Kissassist or borrow a ini from the site will probably have to comb through conditions if it has it and make sure taunt isn't getting mashed. Before I got the ctwn plugin and was leveling my warrior with SK tanking I noticed that a lot of the ini of course had it in there since most are main tanking. The cwtn plugins just have to have him assisting and a main tank besides your warrior listed as group tank in group roles of your eq group box. Rgmercs I am not sure exactly but I bet it is the same type of process. once taunt isnt working then just have to make sure the warriors weapons dont have a aggro mod or augs in them. If they do can still use em if Tank you have can keep aggro but I would for sure use something that isnt working agaist the tanky. Also if you are using mq2melee will have to make sure taunting isn't going on that also. Taunting can be controlled by a few plugs so somtimes can be a pain to get em all out of there.
Question - nontanking warrior

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