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IRL - New to MQ.. Trying to figure out how this all works. (1 Viewer)

Oct 5, 2012

These videos are full of useful basics. More or less a step by step/ how to/ ASMR of @Redbot for most aspects of MQ2 and Very Vanilla.

There is a good list of helpful information from @Sic as well (Hotkeys particularly and a video too!)

Not to mention the literal tons of information posted by the minute here. SO MUCH GOOD KNOWLEDGE!

tenor (11).gif
Aug 13, 2018
More of a waffle guy myself, though I won't pass up a good pancake either. Welcome though!

Don't forget there's also the RG discord channel, there're a lot of us around and about, and for simple directions and questions it's an excellent resource as you work your way though MQ2. There's a lot to learn, and it can be very confusing focusing on just the minimums to get started sometimes. Please join us there if you'd like, and if it's not a simple answer, more than likely we'll point you to a post here that has more information.


Dec 29, 2017
Just swung in an 4 people didn't have a redcent for their post. So for no reason other than to make things consistent I gave them all a redcent for their post :-P
Jul 8, 2020
Guildie suggested I check this out. Hope everyone is having a good beginning to the year that is NOT 2020!
Def recommend checking out Sic's vids on youtube.

And for ease of you check out CWTN plugins man. they are pretty much plug and play with massive ease of use.

Ask tons of questions. Lots here are very knowledgeable and very helpful.
Nov 30, 2019
Welcome to redguides im sure you will enjoy yourself here and some unsolicited advice.........CWTN's premium plugins are very much worth the fee associated if you want something that works well and doesn't you require to meddle with a .ini file

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