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Question - need a bit of help setting up my team (1 Viewer)

Jun 11, 2020
My team consist of 85 heroic sk as tank , 85 heroic Zerker 79 Zerker 79 mage as my dps ,shaman for heals and slow , and 85 heroic bard ( bard is only some times but id like it to be able to follow the group and twist buffs when i do box it ) id like to play the tank manually most of the time with its buffs kept up automatically witch i think i have figured out with /mac kissassist manual /buffson ? but the one thing i cant figure out is how to get it to do my buffs like my lifetap touch of lanys that gives me a buff and theft of agony and charge for power that give me ac buffs id like them to be recast when the buff fades, and i like to be able to set him to auto tank and pull or both if needed.

the zerkers and mage auto dps and the shaman is set up to heal slow and "buff" i had to disable buffs for now . One of the the problems i am running into is that if i have a higher version of the shaman buff it just sits there casting it over and over again how do i set it to not cast buff it it is blocked ? Another issuse i am having is when i engage a mob on my sk it sticks me to it and auto taunts it witch is ok some times but i don't want it all the time /melee off seems to work but will that just shut it off for him or everyone by doing that ?

So far i copied some 85 heroic ini for kissassist for my zerkers mage and shaman and i am trying to figure out how to use it so far i target my sk and /mac kissassist don't know if this is the best way but seems to work for the most part but it seems to shut of randomly on some of my charecters some times. I would like to have buttons for all kiss assist on and off ( /bct name //mac kissassist tanksname ) ? and a key for assisting me while following me around and assisting me at a set camp. Any ideas are welcome maybe for things i may have overlooked or things that will make my life easier that i don't know about yet my goal is to be able to play on 1 screen well

i answered a lot of my own questions i been writing and editing this in word for the last 10 hours as i watched videos and read the forum this is the last bit of stuff that i could not figure out or went over my head
Mar 9, 2017
Combat rebuffs: Add the "taps" to DPS and use conditions to check yourself for the buff. Here are my 115 SK ones, change the spell names as needed. The HP buff from tap, I just run that in DPS and it tends to cast often enough you don't lose it. I have mine set to only rebuff if SK is above 75% health, so prioritize lifetaps first.
DPS3=Protest for Power|100|cond2
DPS4=Torrent of Anguish|99|Once|cond3
Cond2=!${Me.Song[Protest for Power Recourse].ID} && ${Me.PctHPs}>75
Cond3=!${Me.Buff[Torrent of Anguish Recourse].ID} && ${Me.PctHPs}>75
Buffs recast if you've got a high level buff: You could set this with conditions too, as above. If you're getting buffed in lobby, maybe set the condition to check for the 85 buff or the 115 version. I don't have any premade options for you, but you could ask Discord to write one if you need an example.

Stick: Yeah that's MQ2Melee. "/melee off" works. Or do these two if you want more manual control without giving up the melee stuff. You can also mash ESC and backup, once you lose target you can run back where you need to.
/melee stickbreak=1
/melee save

Various Assist hotkeys
: Check out Sic's hotkey tips. In general, I'd use a hotkey combo of "/camphere" & "/mqp" to pause/unpause my group for moving, then you can flip them back on if you meet mobs while moving.

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