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Question - Most Dreaded Camp? (1 Viewer)

Jun 23, 2005
Old School Ragfire back when you had to kill naggy then Ragefire would spawn anywhere from 0 up 72 hours after Naggy was killed. It was a cluster their would be multiple clerics and guild forces waiting for him to pop and some clerics would lose their item they turned in because another raid force would kill him and get the dps kill. DM's would be called in to mitigate the mess. What a cluster.

To fix this they created the shard drops and turn in to occur in skyfire so clerics could spawn Ragefire,


Invisible Gold Star
Dec 2, 2020
Ah the reminescing of Old School...Stormfeather had to be the worse almost 72 hrs camping and in the final hour of about to call quits, I became victorious. Before that it was the Froglok for the FBSS... Stormfeather ruined me for long term camps, decided nothing was worth losing that much sleep over :dance:
Mar 24, 2018
I remember doing the epic for the Shadowknight 1.0 and it was mostly done in The Hole. I needed my guild to help for some of the battles but there was a lot of stuff to do beforehand and I had to trigger things first before I trouble the guild with coming to help. And The Hole was way too hard to solo, so I ended boxing more and more characters until I could reach the bottom level by myself. Getting through the undead town below was so hard because you would get in a tough battle and then just before you kill the massive golem or whatever, it would get completely healed by something in a nearby building... So you had to be really careful where to fight and preferably clear out some of the healers first. I wiped 100 times but made decent exp in there too. It was scary doing all that by myself. But now I think back at cool all that was. There is really no other game I know of that comes close to that kind of thing.
Nov 4, 2015
Jboots were not all that bad for me personally as i got them 1st drop for my Wiz, however i stayed and we spent the better part of a week working on the drop for the rest of the group even resorting to a marathon 40 hours straight in the room camp for a pair. my current omg this is a pita camp though has got to be the sebilisian satchel, i've ID'd a spot they do drop (got one camping something else) and would love more, shame is i've been told that it takes on average 30-40 hours per bag, and frankly i'm not sure i trust those figures cause last time i was there for 3 days straight and no drops
Aug 19, 2020

Yes, all caps. It was THAT traumatic for me. I was super proud of the fact that I had gotten most of the mage 1.0 stuff done as a lowbie (lvl 54) mage in time for the pet to actually be relevant to me. Unfortunately, I ran into the little issue of Quillmane and the fact that he wouldn't spawn. I got into ShowEQ and MQ2 precisely because of Quillmane.
I still can't get my mage the 1.0 even with MQ2, Quilmane is THAT awful.
Mar 8, 2021
Think for me was phinigel for mage epic i swam there for ages killing him he took many kills before he dropped staff

I gave up on mage epic as I could never quillimame people always killing him for cloak and back then was all sorts odd rumors on how kill him I ended up doing 1.5 and 2 instead

Maybe one day I'll go finish it


Jun 1, 2015
LGuk mask on Selos, was in a group for almost 37 straight hours. And the group kept refusing to do a rotation on it, it seemed like every new guy that would join would get it first drop off rolls. I refused to sleep, determined to get this damn mask.

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