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Question - Mercenary Macro (1 Viewer)

Aug 27, 2022
Is there a mercenary macro out there that will automatically put mercs in passive when in GL/PoK etc? I was using easy.Lua which does still work for this purpose but it’s no longer supported and is not compatible with any of the CWTN plugins. I fairly often forget and it’s getting costly lol
Are you sure you want a macro? My understanding is that only one macro can be run at any given time so that blocks you from using any other macro. It would be better as a plugin I would think?
Not sure if this works, but it should. I haven't tried it. Place the folder in your Lua folder and run it /Lua run easymerc


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You could add the line below to your Resources\config\zoned.cfg file. You could add another line with the guild lobby name as well. No macro/Lua would be needed.

/timed 30 /if (${Zone.Name.Equal[The Plane of Knowledge]}) /stance passive
Question - Mercenary Macro

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