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Question - making dye the tradeskill that has no catagory (1 Viewer)


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Jul 19, 2023
hey guys has anyone made a mac for this time consuming buisness of making dyes specifically the mundane task of adding extract to container and hitting combine. It is for me possibly the most awful part of all tradeskills.
I havent tested this recently, but I think Tradeskill Construction Set NeXt should be able to make these. It can do combines in other inventory tool kits like the black marble mortar and pestal and whatnot.
yes all dyes that require the jar to make ie,100 dye you need 100 free inv slots untill you combine,after that the dyes stack,problem being the extracts are alchamy,the jars are pottery,then the final combie no skill just add to jar and combine. the alchamy bit not an issue,but if in pottery mode we could make jar add extract and combine in one sequence it would be massive timesaver.
Question - making dye the tradeskill that has no catagory

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