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Discussion - knock knock (1 Viewer)

Nov 4, 2023
Just started the rabbit hole called scripting. So many conflicting guides out there, been digging for days and days, then I stumbled across here. Thanks guys


I run with scissors,break crayons,and eat paste
Sep 26, 2021
Just started the rabbit hole called scripting. So many conflicting guides out there, been digging for days and days, then I stumbled across here. Thanks guys
Welcome To The Team GIF by MOODMAN

Welcome to RG and welcome back if you're a returning player!

Always start here RG Video

Watch the vids in Sic's signature (I'm sure he will post soon if he has not done so already while I'm typing this).

Once you have an idea of how things work, you'll want to look into some automation options. Check out Kissassist Beginners Guide, Kissassist Commands , RGmercs, and especially cwtn plugins ( you can also /testcopy your toons and use the cwtn plugins there for free and you'll want to spend some time looking at CWTN Plugins Explained.).

I suggest getting your feet wet slowly and be patient as it takes time to absorb all this information. Try taking your toons somewhere safe and lower level at first and explore the automation options. It takes some time to get used to, so don't be surprised it if feels overwhelming at first.

Once you feel like your're getting the hang of it (or to get a more in depth idea of what this site can do), then check out the plugins, macros, and lua's available to complement your automation. Things like MQ2pluginmanager, buttonmaster, mq2autogroup, MQ2Autoaccept, MQ2Status, GuildClicky, Boxhud, MQ2Buffme , and more. You'll also want to see Lua event manager.

How do you get to see and experience all of this you ask? You need to be a level 2 member. To do that you have 2 options. First, you can subscribe (paid method) or second, you can use Red Cents. What the heck is a Red Cent you ask? Red Cents can you help with your subscription and it's the currency this site uses. Contribute helpful information (post here) and others will give you red cents and each red cent you give others returns one to you. check it out! Red Cents

Time to subscribe to level 2 and begin a journey you won't regret. Lots of info and a super helpful community here to help when you get stuck.
Aug 12, 2018
There is so much info to go thru that much of it is overlooked because there are numerous links in all the info and its easy to get lost. So I like to post what I think is one very important feature:

Red Cents.:rc

You want to maintain level 2 for many of the features this site so generously offers all of us at no cost.

And once you are level 2 then you can give other posts some Red Cents.

Those do not come off yours and you earn a couple by doing that. Others can give you Red Cents if you make useful or informative or sometimes just funny posts. This way you can keep your level 2. It only takes 50 red cents a month for level 2 and that is super easy

Redcents and how to earn/spend them > here <

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