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Problem - Issue with Disappearing Text (EQ Drawing Limitation) (1 Viewer)


Sep 12, 2004
Hi Guys and Gals,
I have an issue with my text disappearing from a lot of my windows when running MQ2. It is not on all 6 of my toons but effects 3 or 4 on almost every session. What happens is the find window text will disappear, Vendor item list will disappear, main chat window text will disappear. Things like the name and price of item you have selected to buy from a vendor will display. So if you click through the invisible list it will tell you "that will be 25 plat for the spiderling eye". I do use a player window UI but I have tried every combination of using default and restarting. The only thing that fixes it, is to close MQ2, which is pure torture...lol. I am hoping someone has had this issue and can offer a solution. My PhD. in Google has failed me on this one.
why does everything go blank when i open the map and try to click on other things like load a spell gem with the right click option on the gem window chat goes blank, this was happening before the patch today but now its hitting all windows. i dont know if this is happening for anyone else but its kind annoying to have to close the map to look at other windows when using the map to naviget places
This is a pretty frequent WTF for new MQ users.

this is an eq display limitation - you are displaying more things than eq can display. this isn't a root MQ problem, just the enhancements that MQ gives (almost always mq2map) can cause it to manifest.

so if you turned off names, for example, you'd likely fall below that "amount of stuff...
i was playing early this morning and i updated the redguides launcher.
loaded up eq and went to get a path for a zone i havent been too.
The Zone Guide for Maps Isnt working
the zones dont show up
cannot enter text for search
nothing is appearing in the pop up Text wise

i believe this is a error due to the latest update,
Did you try closing your map? Knid sounds like the bug where EQ can only display a certain amount of text on your screen.
Problem - Issue with Disappearing Text (EQ Drawing Limitation)

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