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Question - How to stop combat? (1 Viewer)

Sep 23, 2015
Hi all!

Just ran into this problem for the first time and did some searching but didn't come up with anything relevant. Let me explain a bit.

Doing this stupid quest in RoF (Shard's Landing) called Unusual Goral Coral. Anyways it requires you to get the mob down to 25% and then use this item on it to pull it's soul out. Excerpt from Alla:

Capture a Sentient Soul using the Small Crystal of the Heart 0/1 (Shard's Landing)

Task Window Says: It seems that Eilisia has higher expectations for the naturally metabolized crystal. Although she was hesitant to admit it, there is a known way to empower the crystal shards in order to provoke a reaction from the Heart of Fear.

Seek out an Alaran living in the hills, a member of either The Forsaken or The Believers will do. You will need to weaken their physical form, and then use the crystal to capture their soul. This will be enough to empower the crystal.

Fight an Alaran (can be most types except for nameds, their PHs, or thralls) to at least 25% and right-click the crystal while basically standing right on top of them to receive an Empowered Crystal of the Heart.

Note: Alarans summon.

a forsaken believer grasps its chest and falls over dead as _____ drains its soul away!

You raise the Small Crystal of the Heart and drain your target's soul!
Note the last line there. Now I know this may sound like a stupid question but how to make your team quit attacking a mob BEFORE it is dead? I have never done this before. I was thinking about just using a Pause social I have and then manually mezzing the mob with my enchanter, would that work? Or is there some fancy, smanzy way of programming it. And just to let you know in advance I am using MA on my Rng and Dru, and MQ2 plugins on the War, Clr, Mag, and Enc. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

/docommand ${If[${Select[${Me.Class.ShortName},DRU,RNG,WIZ,BRD]},/backoff on,/target id ${Group.MainAssist.ID}]}

All the brackets. Also this will work if others want to do it with other unreleased classes. Can add more for ones you opted not to get as well.

Basically it's a /docommand to tell it to process the code, then the code is an inline if where it's ${If[Condition,TRUE,FALSE]}
The condition is a select statement where if ${Me.Class.ShortName} is DRU,RNG,WIZ or BRD then it would return the "index" number for the place. So if it's RNG it would return 2, If it's BRD it would return 4, if it's none of them it would return 0 (making it false).

If it's true it will /backoff on
if it's false it will /target id ${Group.MainAssist.ID} which will target the groups assigned main assist by their ID (thus avoiding accidentally targeting their pet if the pet has their name in it and is closer to you than the player.
Question - How to stop combat?

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