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Macro - How to run PDH, Dicho/Diss, then OoW BP in Succession

Jun 16, 2019
Hey guys,

I'm relatively new here and am just now getting the hang of everything. For my Warrior, I was wanting to run Pain Doesn't Hurt, Dichotomic/Dissident Shielding, then Guardian's Bravery from the OoW BP back-to-back-to-back.

This is all out of 5 minutes:

PDH=3.0/5 min
Dicho/Diss=1.0/5 min
GB=48 sec/5 min

Then, if possible, I'd like to add Roaring Shield (from War BP) to start after GB ends, so 90 sec/10 min to cover the last 12 seconds. *this is on a 10 minute recast-It would only be usable every other time. Another possibility would be diplomatic papers, but I don't have the item yet.

My main goal would be to get those 3 running in a never ending cycle. If anyone has any ideas or tips please let me know.
Mar 9, 2017
Some of the warrior ini's will have versions of this idea and deathlock's SK ini also does something like this (if i recall.) Everybody kind of selects their own preferred discs/items though, so you may need to edit.

Here is how I did my version, the warrior just checks to see if any of pdh/dicho shield/3rd spire/conflag BP/bastion effects are active. If none are, it will click one of them. He does them in order they're in the DPS section most of the time.

DPS18=Dichotomic Shield|100|Cond11
DPS19=Pain Doesn't Hurt|100|Cond11
DPS20=Fundament: Third Spire of the Warlord|99|Cond11
DPS21=Overlord's Conflagrant Breastplate|99|Cond11
DPS22=Warrior's Bastion|99|Cond11

Cond11=!${Me.Buff[Dichotomic Shielding 1].ID} && !${Me.Song[Pain Doesn't Hurt Effect].ID} && !${Me.Buff[Third Spire of the Warlord IV].ID} && !${Me.Buff[Roaring Shield].ID} && !${Me.Buff[Warrior's Bastion].ID}
Edit: Spire is pretty weak, I originally choose it because it was a fast refresh at 7.5 mins, but I wouldn't include it in a new one.

If you want them in a specific order perfectly, then you'd need to add some checks to see if other ones are available before activating other ones.
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Dec 4, 2016
Are you wanting to know what to use to do this or what conditions you need to use?
There are a lot of ways to accomplish this. You can use MQ2Melee and use holyshits, you can use kissassist and write your own conditions, my mac ihcwar also does this automatically if the setting is turned on, though you'd need diplomatic papers cause my rotation is PDH>OoWBP>DipPapers ( dicho is used for oh shit moments )

If you need conditions let use know what plugin/mac your using and I'm sure someone or myself can throw together a few conditions