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Question - Help out a lost returning player ? (1 Viewer)

Sep 20, 2017
Hey guys, it's been a while since i've been around here and played EQ, and I'm a bit lost.
Back when I played I was using KissAssist, and everything went fine for my 6 box army.

Right now I'm trying to get back into it with less toons, and... I see a lot of stuff... KissAssist, MuleAssist, RGmercs, Lua...

What the what what wut now ?

If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'll be playing a 116 cleric, with a 112SK and 112 Ench !

Thanks a ton in advance !
Hi TankHealCC, wb. The concepts you knew are still the same, just new/updated tools. Lua is a computer language that was built in to help develop and run VV. As for your use, macros, were the way to run scripts but were limited to one macro running at a time. Plugins and Lua can have many running at a time. Choose an automation tool, like the ones you listed for example (there are more) and you have begun. Add resources from there, refresh yourself by watching the videos, on the front page and from @Sic
Question - Help out a lost returning player ?

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