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Halfmoon Formation!

Macro - Halfmoon Formation! (1 Viewer) 1

Jun 12, 2015
kaen01 submitted a new resource:

Halfmoon Formation! - The power of the halfmoon in one button!

Crafts social hotkey for you to tell your team to get into the half moon formation behind you, kinda sortish.

Here is the hotkeys it craft in my socials list, whenever you run the mac again it will either update the keys or create them again if you have deleted them.

View attachment 25362

Here i used 25 for distance (/mac halfmoon 25)View attachment 25359

and here i used 5

View attachment 25360

and a bit more distance but not too...

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Jun 12, 2015
in theory you could, but it would require you to manually edit 5 socials, 4 that does the movement, would need about 18 lines so minimum of 4 buttons for that.
then one button to call the other buttons

/bct ${Raid.Member[1]} //moveto loc ${Math.Calc[${Me.Y}+(DIST*${Math.Sin[SPREAD+(${Me.Heading.Degrees}-198)]})]} ${Math.Calc[${Me.X}+(DIST*${Math.Cos[SPREAD+(${Me.Heading.Degrees}-198)]})]}
so this line youd just increase the raid member number, set the DIST to how much you want them to from the the ma, and SPREAD how close they should be on circle of 360 degrees, like raid member1 would be 0, raid member2 would be 20 and so on.
and then you just make 18 line going from raid member 1 to 18, increasing the raid member number and the spread

and stick em in some socials

and to halfmoon 18 people you could do 9 with distance 15, and and then 9 with distance 25 and keep the spread under 180

then you make a another social
/dosocial raidform1
/dosocial raidform2
and so on

then in theory it should work.


Mad Scientist
Feb 9, 2017
For Button Master
Cmd1=/dex ${Group.Member[1]} /moveto loc ${Math.Calc[${Me.Y}+(10*${Math.Sin[36+(${Me.Heading.Degrees}-198)]})]} ${Math.Calc[${Me.X}+(10*${Math.Cos[36+(${Me.Heading.Degrees}-198)]})]}
Cmd2=/dex ${Group.Member[2]} /moveto loc ${Math.Calc[${Me.Y}+(10*${Math.Sin[72+(${Me.Heading.Degrees}-198)]})]} ${Math.Calc[${Me.X}+(10*${Math.Cos[72+(${Me.Heading.Degrees}-198)]})]}
Cmd3=/dex ${Group.Member[3]} /moveto loc ${Math.Calc[${Me.Y}+(10*${Math.Sin[108+(${Me.Heading.Degrees}-198)]})]} ${Math.Calc[${Me.X}+(10*${Math.Cos[108+(${Me.Heading.Degrees}-198)]})]}
Cmd4=/dex ${Group.Member[4]} /moveto loc ${Math.Calc[${Me.Y}+(10*${Math.Sin[144+(${Me.Heading.Degrees}-198)]})]} ${Math.Calc[${Me.X}+(10*${Math.Cos[144+(${Me.Heading.Degrees}-198)]})]}
Cmd5=/dex ${Group.Member[5]} /moveto loc ${Math.Calc[${Me.Y}+(10*${Math.Sin[180+(${Me.Heading.Degrees}-198)]})]} ${Math.Calc[${Me.X}+(10*${Math.Cos[180+(${Me.Heading.Degrees}-198)]})]}
Label=Half Moon Formation

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