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Discussion - Group Progression (1 Viewer)

Feb 20, 2022
Morning everyone, Big shout out to everyone who helped me get back going. I'm running a 6 Box group, all 121. I added the last two later so their progression is only to Broken mirror. SK, Monk, Cleric, Beast, Chanter/Shammy and Zerker. Chanter/ Shammy on same acct. Zerker and Chanter/Shammy are only to Broken Glass in progression. Rest of group progression is in Claws of Veeshan. Not sure if it matters or not.
Should I go back and fill in Zerker and Chanter or just continue on with Veeshan? I have the Shammy to 121 because as much as I love my Chanter, she gets lost, wonders off and gets me in trouble a lot I don't know how I did it in confusion of Battle but her Rezzes and one point got her back a level. she is only 120. I'm looking for ideas moving forward and you all have the best answers so let me have it. Thanks in advance for taking time for your suggestions.
I feel as though that is a personal choice tbh. Progression is definitely a must if you have an evolving item from that xpac but otherwise, there are several ways of getting levels/aa's. I would guess it depends more on what you desire for your toons. I can't think of a downside of not completing it but maybe someone else has a different opinion/thought.
Discussion - Group Progression

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