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Discussion - Graphic design requirements? (1 Viewer)

Nov 29, 2022
Random question but my teenage daughter wants a tablet to draw and dabble into graphic design with. I see this as an opportunity to talk my wife into letting us get a laptop I can use for eq and say she needs the video card for graphic design and college in a few years…

So I’m wondering if anyone has experience in that area and can point me in the right direction as far as what she really needs and not what I want lol

Thank you
Nov 29, 2017
Almost anything runs EQ, so that worry is off the table. Do you prefer a PC or Mac for her needs? Both can work well, Apple's prices are a bit high, but do make it easy for those non tech. I go PC, like most its what I learned early on and tend to prefer. For my budget, I went with Lenovo Flex 5 type touchscreen (with Pen, but you can buy a better third party pen for many), for my wife's return to school. Adobe (and any graphics app) work excellent on it. Plenty of Ram and Dedicated Video ram. Solid system, and I have also run a group of EQ (more than a group), many times.
An example: Amazon product

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