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Question - Going Backwards to go Forward (1 Viewer)

Oct 31, 2021
All accounts are silver - until last week I knew about the dailies , quest , and some things everquest . However, I am now learning the importance of getting Heroic Stats up via quest. I have only done a handful in all of my years of playing. Warrior is lvl 110 HP 157853. He has apprx 24K aa., only spent 12k due to going to silver Should I revisit COTF and start knocking down those quest to achieve the Hero Fortitude Bumps. Could this be done as FTP or should Burn the Krono and go gold to get them. Warrior has the snowbound armor - no augs . Team is 110 war,110 Beast, 110 Mage, 110 cleric, 107 Necro, and 106 Enchanter. Have all cwtn on all except necro.
I do appreciate advice on Direction
Oct 31, 2019
If you plan to use a Krono, if possible I would play ftp til max lvl, than use the Krono to boost AA's, as this is the only way to gain more AA's than Ftp allows. You will keep all Aa's gained while Gold when the month is done and you go back to silver. That is how I do it with my ftp-accounts.

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