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Question - First time eq emu player (1 Viewer)

Aug 22, 2017
I've played eq since 1999 up to 2004. When tlp's were released I started playing again. The last few years with a new baby its become hard to invest the right amount of time to keep up a subscription. Recently I came across project Lazarus and I started to play again. It's nice being able to box so I'm not stuck lfg for hours. I have never used programs like mq2 or kissassist but with playing on emulator servers I'm trying to understand how to use them to box more efficiently. How difficult is it to learn how to use mq2 and kissassist or any other program for boxing?


May 5, 2016
Welcome back to EQ, and welcome to redguides!

real easy - check out our new user videos to get an idea

Getting Started / Returning user

Welcome to RedGuides, fellow EQ multi-boxing enthusiast!

The best place to begin is our "New User Guide" video series, click this TV to watch:

This step-by-step series will teach absolute beginners how to control 6 characters at once while highlighting Nav, AutoLogin, and DanNet, which are fundamental plugins that will enhance every aspect of your game.

Returning users check out - MacroQuest Release Party: https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/macroquest-release-party.80628/ for information about changes from the legacy MQ2 to the new and awesome MQ
Aug 10, 2020
Welcome back. So not sure I could speak on the difficult level. Set up is pretty simple. There are videos that walk you through getting a small team together and into battle (see Sic's post above). I think the tools here will give you the closest experience to a live group. The main objective is have a full functioning group with minor input (within the games TOS limits of course). Kissassist is a very powerful tool so I would say focus on learning that first, and then later if you want to look into the plugins or other apps trying them out and see what fits best. But that all starts with the setup videos.

Word of advice: It is so easy starting off to go down a rabbit hole and forget what you were initial researching. If you find items that you might want to research later, bookmark it. At the top of every post there is a little icon on the far right for bookmarking. Click it, give is a good name and description, and save it. You can return to your bookmarks by clicking on your account name on the very top of the page, inside that there are 2 tabs, Your account | Bookmarks. It will come in handy when you want to load up some of your favorite resource ini files.

Sorry I know you were looking more for a difficulty rating but I think if you have gotten this far its better to just dive in and see for yourself.
Oct 12, 2015
Happy Pop Tv GIF by One Day At A Time

I had taken a long break, came back and EQ alone had a lot of changes, the walk throughs are nice, not everything is answered, but it's enough to be dangerous LOL... that said, I definitely found that learning and refining the INI taught me the most; experiment here, ask a question here, apply it there, seemed to teach me the most about it... I really enjoyed the older INI websites that walked me through (though I believe some are out of date or whatnot... they still were a really great place to learn a basic knowledge)


Still one of my favorites for learning and quick reference, if there's better, I am unaware... another one I liked for / macro commands was


Just a couple nuggets that help me sort it out... and then again, asking questions of the community here @ RG has been HUGE!

Good Luck and Welcome Back!

Just my two red:rcents.

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