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Question - Finding Named

Dec 3, 2018

I was wondering what tools, if any, are available to help me find Named NPCs while I’m trying to gear my characters in Empires of Kunark zones. Tried searching and found farm stuff not sure if this applies to finding named characters. Thanks in advance!
Mar 9, 2017
MQ2SpawnMaster plugin is the main one. It will notify you any named up in the zone you're in and any that pop later. It can also beep or play a sound on new spawns, though I'm not sure if that is or is not currently working. Chat was working on fixing it but I don't recall if it got pushed live.

MQ2Maps - You can get Named to show up as purple on your map. Included in your Vanilla package and on by default. You can mess around with the colors or highlights.

MySEQ (showeq) - Another map program, doesn't require MQ2 actually, so you can often run it post-patch before MQ2 is updated. Has ability to track Named spawn points/paths, spawn timers and how long since last spawn (for old school timer Named.) Setting up Named alerts info. If you play on test you'll want a different version of offsets to get it working.

KissAssist - You can use your KissAssist_info.ini file to tell your puller/hunter-setup to just kill PH's and Named by editing the pull/ignore section. This doesn't work for every camp as sometimes you'll just train yourself by running through other mobs, but is useful in some spots or in older content where stuff won't auto-aggro.

eqmule's KA mod - Same as above, but also has an extra ability to priority pull PH/Named over regular mobs if it sees one inside the PullRadius.

Sample standard KA11 KissAssist_info.ini for RoS Overthere, set to pull just the PH/Named and one rhino nearby to Saber/Needle (lake) - /nav loc 73 1791 9
[The Overthere]
MezImmune=List up to 10 mobs. Use full names i.e. a green snake,a blue tiger,a wide eye ooze or NULL
MobsToPull=a raging rhino,Saber,a wild rhino,a needle-covered succulent,Needle
MobsToIgnore=a sarnak trap,a piranha
PullPath=Place holder for path file. Not yet impletmented.


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Nov 10, 2018
MQ2Spawns plus the built in /named (or is it /npc named) alias is also helpful.