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Discussion - Favorite class (1 Viewer)

Dual tanking Mage pets FTW. No real issue with it as the necro pet & BST pet is back up for tanking.

Hell i even wiped one time and the SHM and his pet survived killing the mob then rezed everyone.

If you haven't tried it, give it a shot :)

Back before MQ, back in the day, you want to upset people - let a whole group wipe to a mob, and then a necro or shaman comes by and solos it later. People really didn't like that - even if they couldn't kill it, weren't going to try again even, they still didn't want to see you doing it solo.

If you used to play a necro/shaman did you ever wait around just waiting for somebody else to not even be in the zone because you didn't want to potentially upset them by them seeing you solo a mob?
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Necro, enchanter and bard. Back in the day, breaking camps was a respected skill, and soloing camps that were hard to break felt like a real accomplishment. I only ever really did it with those three classes. Shaman could solo big stuff, same as SKs, but for chaotic camp breaking, I never did better than NEC, ENC and BRD.

Thematically, I think those three classes are best also. Their skillsets, spells, abilities, etc are all so well defined within their class lore.
Discussion - Favorite class

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