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Contest End Of Winter Contest!

School had just started. We had a new student that was seated next to me. We ended up hitting it off and becoming good friends over the simple fact that we both played Runescape. Runescape was life, I had never played a computer game before it. The ability to keep my items after logging off and playing with others online was the hook for me. Matt kept bringing up EverQuest in an attempt to convince me to play. At the time I was embarrassed to even talk about computer games around others. It was SUPER nerdy and I was just too cool for that! I would always cut him off and change the topic to girls. I remember THE ONE day he brought up EQ and I didnt shut it down. He described EverQuest as basically a more detailed 3D version of Runescape. He told me that 50 or more people would gather together to kill dragons and that you could be anything you want to be like an elf archer, or a dwarf warrior! I finally had given him the chance to sell me on it, and he did. I made up my mind, I wanted it and I had to have it! I started asking so many questions which annoyed him because I ended up repeating the same questions just in different formats. What can I say I was excited! For me the most important question was, are the dragons actually big on your screen? He told me you needed to look up to be able to see them! This was it! He then told me that there is magic that explodes with colors and throw sparkles all over your screen! Everything he was saying sounded sooo cool and I wanted to play it so badly! After school that day I rushed home and I started calling all the Best Buys and Circuit Cities in the area. The only Best Buy that had EQ was down to its last 2 copies and was over 30min away. After nearly an hour of continual nagging my dad, he finally agreed to take me to purchase it. On the ride home, I remember opening the games box and pulling out the poster along with the 2 pewter figurines (a dragon and the elf lady). EverQuest, the gem that would impact my life forever, was finally mine! After the 7 hour install and the updating through my AOL start up, I was finally ready to dive into this magical land! However, now it was bedtime, so maybe tomorrow! My first day in EQ, I made a Dwarf Pally. His name Quama Kazi! I remember the bandit camps and running through the dunes. The giant spiders which I hated looking at due to arachnophobia. I lived in High Keep, slaying goblins all while admiring Ran Flamespinner. Sitting around for 15min respawns to kill 3 Goblins, this was the life! It didnt bother me, I was enjoying it, I felt like Rocky in training. All this dedication and determination to reach my goal of encountering my first dragon! Back in the day there were Naggy and Vox pickup raids multiple times a week. After months of training I was finally level 50 and ready for battle! One day right after school I logged in and noticed there was a Naggy raid setting up. Finally, the time had come! It was early enough in the day and Lord Nagafen had to die! I joined the pickup raid and headed to the gather location (after asking several people how to get there). I was so excited! I remember how hard it was to see in the dragons lair, there was so much red fog! It wasnt only the elements but it was the Man-eating bats that would come from the walls and kill my fellow adventurers! The experience was just as Matt had described it, I called him on my corded landline to tell him about my journey! As soon as I finished gloating I told him I couldnt talk and hung up because I needed to be able to focus! Now comes the depressing part of my story. After being on the raid for a couple of hours clearing the fire dragons lair, laying waste to the man-eating creatures, finally about to see and destroy my first LORD NAGAFEN, I ended up checking a corpse (King Tranix which off on the side with nobody around it) . On the corpse there was a necklace a Polished Mithril Torque. Reading the items description it said PAL and since I didnt have a neck item, I snagged that bad boy! Oh man what a find! Keep in mind, back then there was no advanced loot, everyone was a vulcher when it came to corpses. Click and loot fast so I did and I was excited! A fancy necklace and my first dragon!!! What a perfect day! Then it happened. I saw the question in chat... The question, who looted the Polished Mithril Torque? Now realizing that I made a mistake, I kept quiet. I felt like maybe if I didnt type the raid would forget about it and move onto bigger things like slaying the dragon? But people started typing things like really? WTF who looted it? whoever looted it should be kicked from the raid! whoever looted it lost chance at Naggy loot! Im still thinking holy moly this is bad BUT they still dont know it was me. Then some tattletale said QUAMA LOOTED IT!!! No joke I felt flush and sunk in my chair thinking, oh shitshitshitshit! I still didnt type. I received about 10 hate tells simultaneously. These tells ranged from telling me I was scum to leave the raid and Im unwelcome. I felt like my reputation was forever tainted. My dreams of killing a dragon were crushed! I remember I finally mustered up the courage and typed, Im sorry I will give it back... to recieve the response of ITS NO DROP YOU IDIOT, YOU CANT! Feeling helpless I deleted it thinking this would show I was truly sorry and would help fix my mistake. I told chat that I was sorry and that I deleted the item. Then I received even more private tells informing me that I am an idiot and that I should have just kept it. I remember I pulled the plug after I was told to leave raid. I even cried a little lol, feeling like I would never play my new joy in life, EverQuest. The next day at school I told Matt what had happened, he told me I screwed up, and people would never forget that I did that. Super bummed and confused we decided there was only 1 real solution to this problem. I ended up starting over as a Necro, which was another story for another time.
I know my post here won't count for the contest, but this is an impressive wall of text. Well done, Sir. Well done.

Edit: on the bright side, you didn't have to play a pally! Bazinga! (now that I actually read some of the wall)
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Started playing during Velious. Started as a barb shaman and remember having to learn my way through the Blackburrow tunnel with no improved vision. Thank god for those little torches on the walls.
My first day in EQ....It was during college, everyone in my dorm was either playing quake, doom , starcraft or EQ. After watching a few college friends play it, I was like this game is stupid after looking at the god awful graphics and my friends grouped up in game attacking a orc in Highpass with the auto-attack making watching EQ boring as hell...

Then my friend let me play at his computer and create a character (wood elf ranger) on his account, I was clueless as I wandered around Kelethin, encountered a lift which my friend had to show me how to operate by clicking the lever. My friend didn't give me to much guidance and let me discover the game for myself. As I walked of the lift onto the ground below and moved slightly away from the guards.... my ranger died by an orc pawn...

Respawned and started wandering around and died again, after finally breaking that cycle of dying I managed to eventually kill my first creature.... a decaying skeleton. This was in about a span of about 30 minutes with very little guidance from my friend who was watching me play. After about half of hour of playing I was hooked and my friend coudn't pry me away from his computer lol:D

That evening, I went to the mall with my friends and bought my very own copy of EQ to play on my own comp. Been hooked ever since.
When I first started I remember making a druid and Gfay was the main place for everyone to hang out /ooc and sell. My first time wandering in Crushbone was soo amazing....calling Camp Check and not know what orc1 meant.......Killing Emp Crushbone the first time was soo exilerating......I guess the second thing I remember is quad kiting for experience. I thought my druid was soo uber back then.

Lastly is good ole Velketor's labrynth.......sliding all over the place killing spiders....but not actually going to the top because corpse retrieval was true retrieval back then.....now EQ is easy mode!
Made a human warrior :rock: and proceeded to figure out that he was best at getting killed. After numerous deaths in West Freeport newbie zone, I determine it is time to venture out. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to zone in to Nektulos Forest. It's night and I can't see but go running down the path anyways and promptly get killed by one of the guards at the bridge. A nice pally :airquote: drags me back to zone so I can loot the ub3r equipment off my corpse. It took me a good six months to figure out gamma so I could see (before I did, I would just camp when night came and would log back in when I thought it would be daytime) :doh:
My friend Tony from High School got me into EverQuest back in 2003 one day while sitting in web design class. He kept telling me how amazing EverQuest was and how he was "in the inner circle" with the Game Masters and could get anyone banned with the snap of his fingers - for some reason he took a lot of pride in that. He was the typical Dungeons and Dragons type nerdy dude that was really into it. Up to this point in my gaming life, the only online games I had played before EverQuest were StarCraft and Diablo 2... so this felt like I was stepping into a whole new 3D world like I had never imagined.

After a lot of convincing and the promise of some help in-game, I finally purchased the 'Gold Box' Planes of Power Edition of EverQuest from Best Buy and a Sony game time card off the shelf. At that time all I had was a Dell PC with very little RAM that did not meet the minimum computer requirements. I ended up going back to Best Buy and purchasing 128MB of RAM for over $100. The guy ringing me up at the cashier's desk said, "this is for EverQuest, right?" I was stunned that he knew, but I guess back then that was one of the only games that really needed extra RAM. I told him yeah I was just getting into the game and he said have a good time, he had been playing for years already - which was very encouraging and made me excited to start!

When I first logged in I made a High Elf Wizard. The sounds of the Faydark enraptured me immediately, I loved it... and still do to this day. One of the most memorable aspects of the Faydark was just how dark it was and how I couldn't see where I was going half the time. The other experience I vividly remember was the 56k dial-up constantly making me lose connection every time I was fighting bees or bats outside of the Felwithe gate. "Mom stop answering the phone!!" I eventually met up with a player that found me wandering around the path hopelessly searching for something, what was I looking for? I have no idea, he didn't know either. But, he kindly offered to escort me to Kelethin with the promise of finding people to play with... which at that time, I had no idea what Kelethin was - but if it got me out of the darkness of the Faydark with another player, I was sold! I followed him all the way there and ended up at the "Newbie Lift" to which he promptly wished me well and disappeared into the night as quickly as he came, once again I was lost and it was time for bed for school tomorrow so I /camped.

The next day I told my friend Tony what happened and he gave me the 3rd degree, stone-cold glare. AN ELF!? YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! IKSAR IS THE MASTER RACE, WE ENSLAVE THE WORLD. I remember being like.. oh my god, he was really worked up and almost angry about it - like I said he was really into it. He pretty much forced me to make an Iksar if I wanted help, so I agreed to make an Iksar Monk which sounded pretty cool. I remember doing some reading online about monks and their skills. I was new to MMO's at this point and didn't understand the skills. 1 Hand Blunt, what is that? I asked him, he looked at me in disgust and didn't say a word. I told him I was serious, what is 1 Hand Blunt? He said a blunt weapon, like a mace or a hammer... I felt like such a noob, but was grateful for his knowledge. I think he pretty much swore me off as a player in the game at that point, he never did end up coming to help me thinking back on it now. But I was immediately hooked, and really enthralled by every aspect of the 3D world. It was so much more immersive than I had ever experienced before in the 3rd person perspective of a game like D2. It felt like there were endless opportunities to explore and that the world would never stop growing, it was incredible!

I think the most embarrassing and memorable moment I have from when I first began the game was when I went back to Cabillis the following day. Up until this point, I did not know much about the game and was still learning little by little every day after school. I got lost in the city pretty bad (and still do to this day), and kept walking circles around the pathways and to my Monk Trainer (I would sit next to him in game and meditate, thought it was cool in a RP kinda way). Anyways, I made my way around the city to the front of shaman guild area, totally and completely lost and helpless. I was trying to ask for directions on how to get out of the city and back into the field of bone. I learned how to 'Hail' a player and tried this technique to get the attention of a player nearby. He was an Iksar in a suit of chainmail or plate armor, looked pretty badass, so he probably knew what he was doing. I hailed him and waited for a response, maybe he was AFK. But no, he moved and started walking around the city slowly. I hailed him again and tried to get his attention so I could ask where to go, this happened over and over again. I was ready to give up at this point and throw in the towel. I waited a good 5-10 minutes and he continued walking, what's the deal?? He was completely ignoring me for upwards of an hour, it was insane! I was beyond frustrated with this guy and Cabillis as a whole, I logged out and never played him again, I went back to my High Elf Wizard and still have nightmares of getting lost in that horrible Iksar city.

Little did I know, the guy I was hailing was not actually a player and no, he was not ignoring me. I didn't know the difference between NPC's and real players at this point, and much later realized that I had been hailing one of the Iksar Captain guards that patrols around the city. When I began playing I was such a noob, but many of these memories I will never forget!
I started my days, stoned, in Paineel as a slap-headed Erudite Necro because a mate thought it would be a good idea. After a very smoky 24 levels, I made a rogue, made friends with a cleric and we continued our journey to 55.
I loved the freedom so started making characters to reserve names that I liked. This resulted in me deleting the Necro. Some of the names were awesome although I didn?t get to use all of them. What was strange was every time I made a Necro, I would get it to mid-twenties then delete it.

Finished PoP era with a Monk main and a bunch of useless names lvl 20

Some favourites;

Sawdn Board
Prickn Darear
Smashn Grab

BTW... I know there's a lot more interest here due to the prizes but come on... more than double the posts!? it's a free Krono goshdarnit!!!


My comp is finished but I'm hoping that I win something to start playing an alt account - hehe!

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I Remember trying to find my way off of the wood elf stand with out dieing I must have died like 30 times hehe
My fondest memory was in early January, when Coinstop found teh cleric guild.

Doh! Keep looking for the paladin guild :(
I remember the first time my guild tried to do fear, as we were attempting to establish the camp we wiped. Everyone died, ok so time to go get our back up gear from the bank and attempt again. Everything is looking goodish we're ressing our corpses and wham another wipe. At that point most of us didn't have a 3rd set of gear so we had to reach out to two other guilds to help us otherwise we would have lost all our gear. It must have taken us 4 or 5 hours total to fully recover our gear and GTFO of there.


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I remember the first time my guild tried to do fear, as we were attempting to establish the camp we wiped. Everyone died, ok so time to go get our back up gear from the bank and attempt again. Everything is looking goodish we're ressing our corpses and wham another wipe. At that point most of us didn't have a 3rd set of gear so we had to reach out to two other guilds to help us otherwise we would have lost all our gear. It must have taken us 4 or 5 hours total to fully recover our gear and GTFO of there.
PoF was aptly named. Def a scary place back in the day
I DID quit because of this. Stormed off out of my living room bitching about a stupid fucking game that could only be played for a few hours before it went dark and I had to go read or do something else for a few hours until the in-game-sun rose.


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I remember many years ago while camping for my Cleric Epic...
was our guild racing against another on Inny... well needless to say we got the kill and they wernt too happy about it... well a few days later I remember reading this article on the BBC about the whole thing.. laughed for many years after that.
when i first started playing, I wasnt sure if i spent more time playing or running around trying to score DS, and buffs that lasted 20 min or so to kill stuff lol
my second ever toon was the First Zerker on the server and i went to Crushbone to do the belt quest, where i happened on a Chanter and a Druid in trouble, so like the Crazy Zerker I came well known for being i jumped in swinging my gigantic Axe killing orcs left right and centre while the Druid managed to get herself and the enchanter to the safety of the Zoneline. I of course Died. I found out Zerkers died far easier than my ranger lol. but those two Characters became my best friends and gaming partners in EQ for the next 5 years.