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Question - EasyNav LUA or MQ2EasyFind Plugin (1 Viewer)

Oct 10, 2022
EasyNav (lua) and MQ2EasyFind (plugin) appear to do similar things. Would anyone familiar with the tools mind describing pros and cons of each? What differentiates each? Do I need both?

Do/Can either consider the guild hall clickies, personal clickies, and/or the portal vendor as possible routes?

-- Thanks
Sep 13, 2019
iirc easynav was a script created as a stopgap before easyfind was available on MQ. pretty sure it is obsolete now.

the guildclicky lua from sic can handle guild hall clickies and portalsetter generally handles portal vendor things. not been on live awhile so i forget whether easyfind can be setup to make use of either of those. but it can use magus and teleporter NPCs typically.

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