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IRL - Does anyone recommend EQ to new or younger players? (1 Viewer)

Nov 21, 2020
If I talk to other humans at all, I probably would. But I'm not a "people" person. The people I do associate myself with already playing EQ. So while I could recommend it to them, I think it would be a moot point.
lol agree here. i acquired eq from an ex many many years ago who played from beta, he's now quit (long time ago but hed been banned for years between to oso he lost the itch) i think i mightve recommended it to a few people who at work i somehow ended up discussing gaming with...but, even that wouldve been a decade ago. the people i live with i pushed to all play when i made an emu server just for us(we were ALL desperate because yo ucant game on satellite lol, eq was the only option for anything mmo-like) and as i said, 2 still play, but if i tried to push it on the 2 guys that are actual gamers..one fulltime and one sporadic, i would have to do a lot of consultation and tech support...AND id haveto finish building hubby's pc LOL(i really really really need to go up to the attic and finish that thing, its only been sitting there 95% done since november) and those are the only people outside of eq/mq that i associate with lol

course, atm, i keep recommending eq to myself and i keep saying maybe later lol. too many other distractions like sorting and testing every single )20+) loose harddrive i have, refurbing half a dozen machines, hooking up half a dozen more mini-PCs, and building and playing with 3 diff raspberry pis- not to mention fuckign around with their os's. right now i'm messing with RISC OS, which my god it is tiny and would make a wonderful word processor on a zero, IF i can figure it out. it's the opposite of linux in some ways, which ive been messing with for the last week or 2, and in other ways its like OLD linux. generic linux os's: keyboard=musthave, mouse=optional (for setup etc) RISCOS: keyboard is worthless til theres an input box somewhere, theres no tab tab tab enter or arrowing around, you MUST use a mouse, and many menus arent available without the MIDDLE mouse button(why not the right buttons?, or a menu?) but it runs so tiny and clean i could probably put it on my old cheap "smarttv stick" (make your tv smart , and it cost 15bucks 5 years ago lol...specs and research say it would work, but only risc or embedded. the thing has specs in the kb not mb or gb lol.

oh and i recommend myself ot play eq but then i look at my traders, say oh theyre not selling shit...and instead of restocking or something, i go backto piling my desk up with stuff. i have 3 monitor mounts to install (and i cant get to where they need isntalled at right nowlol) 3 new keyboards and such coming in the mail, a new disccloner that i ordered because i urgently wanted an offline cloner on tuesday and now its not so urgent lol. My eq buddy has been offand on himself. i think these days recommending eq to oneself, successfully, has to be a battle won before we think about others lol. us old people have other things to do i guess

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