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IRL - Do you play on an ultra wide monitor (1 Viewer)

You can but I just stretch it out and still alt tab between if I need to see others running cwtn plugins on all but main tank usually just need to have eyes on him
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Not wrong... I like to rock out with the cox out..
That said yes durango is right I use ISB for this reason exactly. On 49 inch ultrawide I run 2 tanks side by side with all groups stacked under them. For that I use ISB to put shit in the right places.
UW life has many annoyance and some advantages
For boxing and work I see it as an advantage, I play with left or right side of screen as EQ for a full group
For video calls and screensharing it SUCKS
For other popular 'current' gaming it can be better, BUT you will need to spend considerably more for a powerful PC/GPU

I have a full group on one half of my screen, other half would be a 2nd group or work / research / movie etc.. etc..
DO get something like fancyzones https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/powertoys/fancyzones

I went from a 34 UW to a 38 UW and would never recommend using anything less than x1440 vertical in an UW again due to compatability with standard 16:9 resolution scaling
< 34" UW common is 3440x1440 (mine was)
> 38" UW common to see 3840x1600 (mine is)

Jumping from that x1440 to x1600 made all the difference in the world for gaming and general app usage

Pay attention to the blue 16:9, most UI's in most everything attempt to optimize for 16:9
I actually use a square-ish shaped windowed resolution to emulate the games actual design.

When you go wide screen you simply end up chopping off a good chunk of your y-axis viewing area and blowing up what you have left over.
IRL - Do you play on an ultra wide monitor

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