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Discussion - Advice on pre-built machine (1 Viewer)

Nov 17, 2017

what ya think - impossible to get CPU and graphic card solo, so decided do a prebuilt..

what ya think?


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Jan 29, 2021
looks to be a great computer. but i tend to get technology thats slightly older just for the cost savings. im still using a computer i built 10 years ago and only upgraded video card last year, im lookin to build another one now but my budget is 1,000 unless your a mega gamer and doing 15 things at once like video compiling while playing the newest most advanced graphics game ever, watching netflix, youtube, hulu. 10 monitors for random stuff its way over kill, but if its in yer budget pull that trigger!!!
Jul 4, 2020
Good god man/woman/it! I clicked the link. twice. Is that the one you are looking at? are you looking to send messages to the Mars rover that just landed? If you just want to get to Luclin then that is way more than needed. But hey, if your budget can handle then Do eet! Go big or go home. Or go big and stay home? Who knows these days? Have fun!
Jan 20, 2013
You can build that thing for half the price IF you can find the CPU and GPU in stock somewhere.

CPU - $699
GPU - $700
Ram - $1000

That is the majority of the cost.

The thing is right now you cant find the CPU/GPUs in stock but that is way overpriced. I'm running a 3950x with 128gbs Ram, 1080ti and other system is the same but a rx 580 because you dont need a 1k GPU to run 50+EQ clients.

For my money if im paying 5k it better be a threadripper CPU at the very least.

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