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zueria.mac - Tsaph's Day Off Quest / Zueria Slide Charm 18th Anniversary

Quest / Event zueria.mac - Tsaph's Day Off Quest / Zueria Slide Charm 18th Anniversary 1.0

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🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu Test
http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/quest.html?quest=8481 is a really easy quest for a really nice charm with port clickies.

I noticed that targetting Zueria started working so made a quick and dirty zueria.mac

Basic usage: stand next to Zueria in POK and type
Rich (BB code):
/mac zueria

Have a low level dmg spell in slot 1 loaded, you will take some rampage damage(10-20k total) so healer merc might help. Pure melee should work too(untested) if you have /assist on

Sort of working: standing far away from Zueria and having mq2nav loaded, my chars sometimes get stuck on lampposts etc.

Rich (BB code):
|playj's quick and dirty Zueria's Slide Charm quester 2017 for REDGUIDES
|/mac zueria
|requirements: small dmg spell in Slot 1
|some rampage dmg possible (so healer mercenary can help)
|can start/resume in any zone with Zueria, preferably next to him
|if you have mq2nav loaded it will go to Zueria in POK
|Available during 18th anniversary (and presumably yearly after that)

Sub Main
    /echo Starting Tsaph's Day Off for Zueria Slide
    /if (${FindItemCount[Zueria Slide]} > 0 ) {
        /echo you already have Zueria Slide!
    /if (${Zone.ID} == 202) {
        /echo am in POK
        /if (${SpawnCount[npc Zueria]} > 0 && ${SpawnCount[npc Zueria radius 30]} == 0) {
            /echo lets first navigate to Zueria
            /echo mesh needs to be generated for POk in order for this to work
            /if (${Bool[${Plugin[mq2nav]}]}==TRUE) {
                /nav reload
                /delay 1s
                /nav spawn npc Zueria
                |TODO mq2nav is not working very well, maybe a weak mesh
            } else {
                /echo no mq2nav and too far from Zueria, get closer by hand and restart /mac Zueria!
        /if (${SpawnCount[npc Zueria radius 30]} > 0) {
            /echo grabbing Tsaph's Day Off task
            /if (!${Target.DisplayName.Equal[High Magister Zueria]}) /target Zueria
            /delay 1s
            /say I will help you, High Magister
            /delay 1s
            /say ready

    /if (${Target.DisplayName.Equal[High Magister Zueria]}) {
        /delay 5
        /if (${Target.PctHPs} < 98 && ${Target.PctHPs} > 95) {
            /echo need to help ${Target.DisplayName}
            /delay 1s
            /echo going to damage ${Target.Name} a little bit
            /cast 1
            /delay 4s
    } else {
        /echo need to target Zueria
        /if (${SpawnCount[npc Zueria]} > 0) {
            /target Zueria
            /delay 5
            /delay 5
        } else {
            /echo no Zueria probably zoning or wrong zone
            /delay 2s
    /if (${FindItemCount[Zueria Slide]} > 0 ) {
        /echo should be finished with Zueria, congrats on your new Zueria Slide!
        /stick off
    /delay 1s
    /goto :LOOP


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- - - Updated - - -

Needless to say, you can have 4-5 other group members sitting in POK and just waiting for the main guy to finish the task. :)

EDIT: This macro simply sticks to Zueria and assists him a little when he gets damaged. Tested it with a couple of chars.

EDIT2: corrected /nav syntax, tested as working after Apr 25th patch
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