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Unmaintained cleanbags.mac 1.1

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Based on my own question here: http://www.redguides.com/forums/showthread.php/30993-Macro-to-Clean-Bags-using-Loot-ini about using Ninjadvloot.inc to clean bags, here's my macro which does exactly that.

Anything itemname=Destroy in .ini will be destroyed rest kept.

Default use is
Rich (BB code):
/mac cleanbags
which uses Loot.ini in your macro directory

However, I recommend using custom inis just for destroying:
Rich (BB code):
/mac cleanbags "destroy.ini"
In the example above, if you do not have "destroy.ini" one will be created and you can go edit and run the macro again with same /mac cleanbags "destroy.ini" .

Reason for custom ini is because default Loot.ini might have =Destroy for some item you looted for a bit and then wanted to stop collecting but you still want to keep whatever you looted earlier. Found out the hard way myself. ;)
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  1. BugFix

    BugFix as per https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/cleanbags-mac.31137

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Great for cleaning out my pesky bags. Play on EMU server and the constant clicking for tradeskill wastes was killing me. Thanks!