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whoami.mac - super simple tool for finding who you are

Utility whoami.mac - super simple tool for finding who you are 1.0

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I use stickfigures a lot and got tired of typing /echo ${Me.Race} ${Me.Gender} all the time so here is a super simple utility to output some info about your character.
If you just want to echo not mqlog then comment/delete that line.

Inspired by: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whoami

Rich (BB code):
/mac whoami

Rich (BB code):
|by playj
Sub Main
    /echo ${Me.Name} ${Me.Race} ${Me.Gender} ${Me.Level} ${Me.Class} on ${EverQuest.Server} in ${Zone.Name} : ${Zone.ID} X: ${Me.X} Y: ${Me.Y} Z: ${Me.Z} ${Me.Platinum} pp
    /mqlog ${Me.Name} ${Me.Race} ${Me.Gender} ${Me.Level} ${Me.Class} on ${EverQuest.Server} in ${Zone.Name} : ${Zone.ID} X: ${Me.X} Y: ${Me.Y} Z: ${Me.Z} ${Me.Platinum} pp

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