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Combat Assist Free Ranger Macro 0

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Software Requirements
Doritos and Mtn Dew
Server Type
🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test
You cant beat this. Its awesome! works from level 1 to 115 130. Easy to load and requires very little attention. Perfect for the freebie noob mac!

#DISCLAIMER I Must let you know. This is for Humor purposes only. If you want the real thing, Sub up and get it.
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01110101 01100010 01100101 01110010
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4.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. now works to 120+

    Updated nothing, in order for this to work to 120. Hope people that are downloading 2 years...
  2. RGB

    Now with RGB. Makes those arrows fly even faster. GAMING GAME ON! 1.21 GHz

Latest reviews

Used this for ages, just recently it was updated and upon loading my PC Caught fire and I got pregnant.

sorry, I guess i forgot to PULLOUT some code that did that.
You had me at:
Ranger Awesome sauce incoming.
Best gag macro I've ever downloaded. Keep up the good work.
This is a joke it isn't real.
ya.. you are correct. and 99.99999999999999999% got that.