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Combat Assist XGen-Rogue 85+ (Legacy Standalone does not work with XGen Unified) 1.2.2

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Software Requirements
MQ2Nav, MQ2SQLite, MQ2Hud
Server Type
  1. Live
  2. Test Server
Hi all. Japper17 here!
This is an Auto-Rogue macro created between Japper17 and Aipoc76. It's my first real attempt at coding anything =]. Aipoc Beat me till i got stuff right, and then beat me some more for breaking it all over again! and again. and again. ect...

XGen-Rogue will assist, summon poison from inventory slot(legs), will auto-SoS(will eventually be toggled), and do just about anything a rogue would do (no there's no coding for awesome rogue pulling).

I currently have toggles for Dot's, Snare, Alliance, Ae Ramp, Diversion(Hotkey isnt working, /cc div1 to toggle cozen etc.), make camp, and force burn.
There's also an awesome Rogue-HUD, thanks to Aipoc, /cc loadhud for live. I parse anywhere from 350-600k dps, and up to 1.7m on a good burn...
I have spent alot of time on this macro and plan on spending alot more on it, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please let me know =]


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Latest updates

  1. stuff n things

    Update 1.2.2 relax line now working, fixed a couple of stupid echo's, thief's vision now...
  2. Rogues should not trip over their own feet!

    Update 1.2.1 Corrected move and getbehind toggles, Fixed a Disc spam issue with Chelicerae Disc.
  3. Who wants to play Hide and Seek??

    Update 1.2 will now cast while shrouded, added daggerslash ability (wont fire if you have a disc...