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Unmaintained XGen-Berserker (legacy) Round 2

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Software Requirements
mq2sqlite, mq2nav, mq2hud
Server Type
🏢 Live Test
This is a hands off Berserker, set your buttons, get in a group. kick some ass. As with all XGen Macros it comes with a HUD and has easybuttons. It will burn on named, regen endurance when needed. Its currently set to summon "Axe of the Vindicator" Ill add all levels next release. This was for my 110 for over 2 years, i just recently was asked to update to 115, so i figured why not release also . Polished it up a tad, and here ya go!

Its pretty easy to set up, only requirements are that it be in a sub folder of macros called "xgen" " ex: macros\xgen\ ".
I have pre zipped it like this for ease of installation.

It has its own spell casting routine that I wrote for XGen. This is no where as complex as mq2cast plugin, but it works, pretty darn good..

Its a tad slugish at first on the first run as it builds the DB. But after that starting it is no issue.

easiest way to start is start the mac /macro xgen\xgen-zerker TANKNAME %% Replace tankname with your tank, and %% with what % you want to start attacking at. Defaults to 98. /cc will show you all options.
First release
Last update
4.33 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. XGen-Zerker Movement fix and button addition. With right file....

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  2. XGen-Zerker Movement fix and button addition.

    Update Fixed a Move issue when Frenzied Resolve on, and added a button for /cc behind...
  3. Some times you just got to shake it up!

    Update 1.4.2 Complete rework of the flow of the mac. Fixed DB errors, updated timings on...

Latest reviews

It seems whenver this is running I am unable to trade. any item on my cursor gets sent to my bags instantly. normally awesome but makes teleporting in the guildhall super hard. Also, would love to be able to turn on burns for trash mobs.
/cc forceburn (you should have a button for it. /cc makebuttons) will enable burns whenever you want. as far as the item on cursor, ill fix that. thank you for your feedback.
I wanted something that I can set and forget since I am still new to this. I have already seen my DPS increase by 30%
Ty for the review. Still minor bug fixes incoming. So keep an eye out!
would have given it 5 stars, but it needs a little more love, is a great macro though, spent hours and hours testing and working out kinks, im willing to say after some twinking it will go above and beyond anything else. good job aipoc
Thank you for your review. Always striving to update as i can!