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Very Vanilla MQ2 (Live Servers)

Vanilla Very Vanilla MQ2 (Live Servers) 20190823

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Other Authors
Plazmic, eqmule, rswiders, Lax, ieatacid, dont_know_at_all, Amadeus
Server Type
Live, TLP

"Live server" works on: Antonius Bayle, Bertoxxulous, Brekt, Bristlebane, Cazic Thule, Drinal, Erollisi Marr, Fippy Darkpaw, Firiona Vie, Lockjaw, Luclin, Povar, Ragefire, The Rathe, Trakanon, Tunare, Vox, Vulak'Aerr, Xegony, Zek
Does not work on: "Truebox" servers, such as Corinav, Phinigel, Mangler, Selo's, or Agnarr (other tools such as MySEQ are available)

See also: Test Server version, Emulated Server version.​


What is Very Vanilla?
The RedGuides version of MacroQuest2, which is needed to run all plugins and macros you find on RedGuides.
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What is MacroQuest2?

MacroQuest2 is free open source software that makes EverQuest more functional, bringing unique and modern MMORPG features to the classic game.
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Is this allowed?
Very Vanilla only works on servers that allow multi-boxing, and does not contain any active hacks or cheats. While Daybreak doesn't officially endorse any software but their own, we've found that players who follow these two guidelines have never faced an issue:
  • Stay at your keyboard.
  • Be considerate of other players.
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How do I install Very Vanilla?
  1. Click the download button above.
  2. Run the installer, then run Update.exe. You should run Update.exe after every patch.
If you need more help, watch the installation video.

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How do I update after EverQuest patch days?
  • Go to the folder where you installed Very Vanilla and run Update.exe Fill in your RedGuides username/pass, click "update" and you'll receive our latest version.
    (If you click “Plugins”, remember that the defaults we have checked should be fine, but if you're adventurous you can try others. Don't ever check a plugin you don't need. Too many plugins may cause your game to be unstable or crash)
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How do I run it?
  • Browse to the installation folder and run MacroQuest2.exe. If successful, you should see a little shield in your taskbar.
  • Now let's play EQ.
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What are some fun things I can do with Very Vanilla?
That's a big topic! Let's start with some simple functions:
  • Watch "The Red Guide to Multiboxing" videos for beginner's directions to multi-box a full group.
  • Automatically log in all of your characters with one click.
  • Read the beginner's guide to the KissAssist macro, so you can begin a multi-boxing group.
  • Need to find someone in the zone? Type, /target playername and then /face. This also works for NPC’s. /target King Xorbb
  • Get a notification whenever a rare spawn is up, check out MQ2SpawnMaster for more info.
  • Run a macro from the macro section.
  • Run a plugin from the plugin section.
  • Make KissAssist handle all your clickies and buffs, so you can focus on playing. After setting up KissAssist, just target yourself and type /mac kissassist manual and then /buffson and you'll have full control over everything, but your toon will do all your clickies and buffs for you.
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  • Before reporting an issue, make sure EverQuest is up to date, and then make sure Very Vanilla is up to date (run Update.exe in the Release folder). EverQuest patches break Very Vanilla.
  • For issues with the installer / updater software, please see this thread for help.
License Name
First release
Last update
3.75 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 20190829

    Aug 29 2019 by RedGuides - MQ2PluginManager (ChatWithThisName) addressed issues from code...
  2. 20190823

    Aug 23 2019 by RedGuides - MQ2TargetInfo (EqMule) Fixed for MQ2DanNet - MQ2AutoForage...
  3. 20190821a

    Aug 21 2019 by RedGuides - MQ2Posse was reverted by mistake, this returns the changes Plure...

Latest reviews

im hooked! keep up the good work
I will start right out with the fact that I just started this process. And I am not a code writer of any kind. In fact, I know just enough to be dangerous. But I can read and do searches and know to look for beginners guides to help me get this all installed and working right at the most basic levels.

I would like to suggest that one of you experts make a Complete guide to getting MacroQuest 2 all setup and running. A guide written with the idea that "What everyone knows" is included. Just from my short experience I can honestly say that there is a ton of information scattered all over not only here but the internet in general, but no where is it all put together in one place. So a concise guide to answer questions like:

1. The proper load order of all the various plugins and macros from a clean boot to having all the characters show up on your screen. You need to include Innerspace/IsBoxer in this too. I found a bunch of conflicting statements about this subject. What do you guys use and or recommend.
2. Proper login procedures, like do I use the Innerspace character set login or the MQ2Login Profile? What are the reasons for each and maybe an explanation of advantages and disadvantages. (there is avideo about this)
3. Is Eqbcs really needed? Doesn't ISboxer perform this function? How to setup Eqbcs. Or do you use the other one that I can't remember the name of. DN something?
4. Setting up Autologin and really important, the /inv key for the alts.
5. Setting up Follow and assist keys. Like /afollow and why you should use it or when NOT to. Explain that Kissassist does some of this but doesn't work when KA isn't loaded yet.
6. Sit and stand keys, are these ISB keys or MQ2 macs?
7. Setting up KA macros to start and stop and why they are needed.
8. Maybe a brief scenario describing how KA is supposed to act, like what to watch for and what to make sure is happening. Like the Healer is healing and the casters are casting. Maybe even the puller and how he is supposed to act. I keep wanting to press buttons sheesh. Hard to let the macro take over. Maybe a video of a real basic setup and how it's supposed to function. Maybe even a video of one of your pro setups with a narration of what is going on. That would be REAL cool.

That's as far as I have gotten so far. I have read (and watched) so much from so many different sources that I get some things confused or can't find a reference that I've seen before. Bookmarks are your friend. Maybe you could approach this from a complete noob's perspective, think...I have never seen this stuff before, kind of thinking.

All I can say is that when I downloaded MQ2 and read this page, it left me with more questions than answers, even with all the links. I have actually spent more time reading than setting things up in game.

Not trying to beat on you guys at all. You have an amazing product here, the more I read the more I say things like "That is so cool or I want to have THAT in my setup. It sure would be nice to go from install to start playing a bit easier, is all I am suggesting. Thanks for listening.
Thanks for the feedback, we've been working on tutorial videos and are releasing some soon. If you need any help in the meantime feel free to PM me.
Works great if you run the updater after patches.
20180921a does not work, gives me a date mismatch for Sep 18...
Hey bud, run the Very Vanilla updater and the EverQuest launcher again. DBG released a new eqgame.exe yesterday.