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Trade / Skill Tradeskill recipes (max out Artisan's Prize) 4.07

Software Requirements
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🏢 Live Test
Tired of looking up recipes
Tired of clicking
Tired of searching for something in your bags
Gave up in disgust ?
Recipes up to Laurion's Song

2020 ESA Winner
Here is a way around all of that pain and suffering.

It is not intended to level up 1-300, using this macro to try and do that is not recommended (too many failures). The intent is to learn the thousands of recipes you need to either get to 350 or max out your artisans prize.

The macro knows recipes that count towards 350, do not expect to make something outside these known recipes. Some common recipes are covered e.g items needed for eron's / trophies / artisan's seals. If a needed recipe has a sub-combine that recipe is included. If you ask nicely I may add your favorite recipe.

Example of the macro being run, the shopping list being displayed and the shopping file format that is used by ts/finditem.mac to find items with other characters

Inventory slot 11 and 12 from perks do not work ?
I will not be supporting it unless it becomes accessible to everyone gold/f2p

Wiki instructions & reference
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First release
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4.90 star(s) 30 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Sacred water of Brell

    If I was you I wont drink it, he is know for loving his beer ...
  2. Recipe fixes

    1x research (calanins) 1x tinkering (catapult)
  3. Myrmidon's Sloth XIX

    Fixed Myrmidon's Sloth XIX that was using innoruuk emulsifier

Latest reviews

HOLY COW THIS IS AMAZING!! should of gotten this sooner!!
Just amazing! Some minor pathing issues, but nothing to worry about
mine keeps stopping due to mq2 melee and log /shrug i dunno
Verry intuitive after learning all of the commands !!

any chance we can get this to pull from the Tradeskill Depo as well as the bank / merchant that would be an amazing addition
Added the depot
Jande is quick to respond and resolve any issues. The world was made a better place when this macro was invented.
Had an issue..
Received fast replies from Jande - Helped me out very quickly and i was up and running in 15 mins from original post in discussion. Thanks.
This is a no brainer - Get it - Great work Jande
Awsum work
Wow. Excellent work Jande. I am impressed. This was a behemoth undertaking.
Only way I could ever finish TS.