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Trade / Skill Tradeskill recipes (max out Artisan's Prize) 2020-01-25

Software Requirements
Server Type
Live, Test Server
Tired of looking up recipes
Tired of clicking
Tired of searching for something in your bags
Gave up in disgust ?

Here is a way around all of that pain and suffering.

Example of the macro being run, the shopping list being displayed and the shopping file format that is used by ts/finditem.mac to find items with other characters

Digital product
License duration
20.00 USD
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Fixes /Beginner Trophies

    tradesman / tradesmanv1 is now the same as tradesmanv2, command line syntax should be the same...
  2. Fixes

    cleanupv2 will now actually work tradesmanv2 Improved the open/closing of the inventory...
  3. Inventory TS containers / Recipe Fixes

    Poison: Quite a few fixes Pottery Crow's Special Brew Inventory TS Containers: The container...

Latest reviews

I was unsure at first, but decided to make the purchase. So far it is the most amazing macro that I have used. I recommend it and if you have questions on why recommend it send me a message and I will elaborate.
This Mac is worth every Cent ! Jande is very responsive and helpful and continues to improve this almost daily.
Really good macro, it’s still a lot of work to farm mats but certainly makes it a lot easier to manage,
So good it makes me want to do tradeskills on all my toons!