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Trade / Skill Tradeskill recipes (max out Artisan's Prize) 1.28

Software Requirements
Server Type
Live, Test Server
Tired of looking up recipes
Tired of clicking
Tired of searching for something in your bags
Gave up in disgust ?

Here is a way around all of that pain and suffering.

It is not intended to level up 1-300, using this macro to try and do that is not recommened (too many failures). The intent is to learn the thousands of recipes you need to either get to 350 or max out your artisans prize.

Example of the macro being run, the shopping list being displayed and the shopping file format that is used by ts/finditem.mac to find items with other characters

First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 10 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Fletching

    Shimmering Steel Bow string should be Shimmering Steel Bowstring If you are looking for it in...
  2. subcombines

    Subcombines that is already made will now be searched for. (not happy with it yet but at least...
  3. Baking

    Restea should be Resteat

Latest reviews

AWESOME..... Worth the every penny.
The best $20 I've ever spent
Great work and frequently updated. This tackles a huge pile of tedium and makes it manageable. Your sanity will thank you
Always dreaded maxing out my tradeskills. Figgured I'd give this a try. I wish I would have done it sooner. This is fantastic.
This is a revolutionary macro. If you want to do anything in tradeskills, this is a must have. Research alone has almost 4,000 recipes... And this mac will make everyone for you!! Just supply the items and as it is advancing, it is starting to get items for you! Incredible!!!
This macro is likely worth twice the cost.

My first pass, Alchemy from nearly NOTHING learned was made very easy to skill up.

Please note: Using this macro really DOES require some planning and it isn't as easy as run it and expect it to do the work FOR you.

However, once you learn how to organize your bags, buy supplies and start the process, you will see how ingenious this macro really is.
I was unsure at first, but decided to make the purchase. So far it is the most amazing macro that I have used. I recommend it and if you have questions on why recommend it send me a message and I will elaborate.
This Mac is worth every Cent ! Jande is very responsive and helpful and continues to improve this almost daily.
Really good macro, it’s still a lot of work to farm mats but certainly makes it a lot easier to manage,
So good it makes me want to do tradeskills on all my toons!