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Trade / Skill Tradeskill recipes (max out Artisan's Prize) 2.14

Software Requirements
Server Type
Live, Test Server

2020 ESA Winner
Tired of looking up recipes
Tired of clicking
Tired of searching for something in your bags
Gave up in disgust ?
Recipes up to CoV

Here is a way around all of that pain and suffering.

It is not intended to level up 1-300, using this macro to try and do that is not recommened (too many failures). The intent is to learn the thousands of recipes you need to either get to 350 or max out your artisans prize.

Example of the macro being run, the shopping list being displayed and the shopping file format that is used by ts/finditem.mac to find items with other characters

First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 19 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Container experiment mode

    When automove to container is off it does not detect that it is open in experiment mode.
  2. fixes /mqp

    Had a dev version slipping into release. Removed the extra mqp.
  3. Ingredient filter

    Can now filter by a used ingredient, Only check main combine not subcombines /mac ts/tradesman...

Latest reviews

I did 4 to 350 without this.... soo much time. Thank you for this huge timesaver both doing the clicks and telling me what to farm.
I had some technical issues and Jande worked hard to help resolve the issues and was very communicative.
TS Recipes rocks. CoV update coming?
CoV v2+, update if you have not yet.
Saved me so much time, extremely well done and just about idiot proof.
Worth every bit of 5 stars. Once you get to know the commands, It's a Huge time saver for trade skills. Thank you for the time and effort put into this.
Had a small issue with the macro, sent a message to jande and within minutes had a response. The fix took a little bit of time but was definitely worth it! Always dreaded the grind to 350 but this macro is amazing, just the shopping list alone would of been great but this goes above and beyond. If I could give this more then 5 stars I would.
There are a lot of amazing macros out there but this is the "one to beat". It is the epitome of Macroquest. I don't think it gets better.
I have now used Tradesman to max out 3x Artisan Prizes and working on the 4th. Once you see it run thru a few times and plan a little ahead this really flies thru the recipes!
Working on the 4th ! You have more patience than a saint.
This probably saves you about 1,000 hours and reduces the risk of injury from clicking by 5000%.
AWESOME..... Worth the every penny.