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Utility shiny / reward 2024-02-21

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🏢 Live Test
manages collection in housing

claim reward for overseer collection dispensers
First release
Last update
4.71 star(s) 7 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Mispellings

    Fixed some missing items/mispellings
  2. Error when clicking collects

    Fixed brainfart when clicking collect.
  3. Kael drakkel

    Having just used this I put the kael drakkel fix back in, it is still 2 spaces between drakkel...

Latest reviews

Main thing I was looking for was to retrieve all collections from a house and dump all collections from my bags to a house

Works fantastic!
I cant get it to claim the collection from the dispenser
This is fantastic! I was storing all of my collectibles on one toon and that made things awkward with no trade bags. This is fantastic 10/5 stars.
Very awesome love this!
Great... wish I could dump by expansion to a house like we can grab from a house.

Edit .... Turns out these RoF ones I listed below are for collection Edition expansion. So if you just have the base RoF it will pick these up every time and try to click them but EQ wont take the click. Leads to stacks of one many time over.

Bugs---- these below even when already collected will pick one up each time you do a /mac shiny get click.
RoF Half-Burned Note item ID 77524
RoF Corpse Dust item ID 149284

No NoS for /mac shiny get NoS to loot the house clean of all NoS items

This macro should really have a 8 out of 5 it is wonderful!!!!
Amazing utility, it makes managing collections much less tedious. The overseer collection dispenser function alone is worth 5 stars.
Used the reward portion today with 147 dispensers.. worked perfect! thank you.