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Trade / Skill Tradeskill.mac 1.01

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Ok, so - I don't technically have a background in programming etc, just what I do with MQ2 macros (lots of trial and error, making shit up as i go) . . . so this code can and will probably get some improvements , open to suggestions, but this works in my limited testing so here goes...

I made the macro with original intentions of just being able to make a list of items faster than i could manually to make good use of tradeskill potion/not have to stuff around too with low skill potion using tinker bot

The macro can use items you have already purchased based on your recipe list/combines you put in your ini as described below, it will requires MQ2Nav to move from container to container, however if you start in front of the necessary container you list in the ini for first recipe/first recipe you will make it will use it. It won't go buy anything as yet.

Macro usage:

/mac macroname newininame howmanyrecipes --- eg. /mac tradeskillmac fletchingtrophy 6

This will create an ini with 6 recipe sections like below (i only listed 2 for example) for filling in by yourself, and hopefully shared by others here for some recipe lists etc.

Rich (BB code):
TotalRecipeNumber=2           How many recipes in the file, this is used to setup the array to reduce disk access while cycling recipes it may not even want to make
DoSkillUps=FALSE                TRUE/FALSE - This will toggle whether when making recipes it will just keeping making the item until its reaches trivial
Recipe1ItemName=NULL           This is any name you want to give the item, I have used Item ID's to check items as with recipes with multiple recipe ingredients can produce the same item name with different ID's - it's mostly for your reference/ease
Recipe1ItemID=NULL                Item ID - used to check Item Counts for how many you want to make
Recipe1Container=NULL            Environmental container that is used to make the item, ie Pottery Wheel, Fishing Table, Loom etc... 
Recipe1Known=FALSE              This will default to FALSE on ini creation, it will update when the macro first makes the item. Useful for learning recipes >300 lists, 
Recipe1Trivial=0                   Trival of the item, used to check against your relevant skill to see whether it can use the item to skill up (careful not to set this incorrectly, if you can't skill up and it thinks it can you will just make the item until you run out of items)
Recipe1SkillType=0                 This is the skill you're using to check against, again if you set this incorrectly you run the risk of just using up items and making stuff or not making something because what ever skill you're checking is too high
Recipe1MakeTotal=0                This is how many of the item you want to make, the macro will make 1 item to make the recipe 'known' , it will keep making it if you want to DoSkillUps until trivial, or it will make as many as you want here provided you have supplies
Recipe1Items=3                     This is how many items in the recipe, you need to increase this and add Recipe#Item#= as needed , i defaulted  the macro to make 3 entries it could probably be changed but 3 was ok

Attached is a filled in fletching beginning trophy list , to use the ini created from step one ( or this one , saved as a name you will remember) simple -- /mac macroname ininame -- eg /mac tradeskillmac fletchingtrophy

If you have a skill of 50 fletching you can get the quest, buy the items from the vendor in PoK - start the macro with the ini and it'll make them all for you to go deliver. You could just buy a stack of everything and DoSkillUps=TRUE and it'll go through the list as necessary to get to 56.

I will make a shopping macro at some point, that can use the recipe items from this ini layout. Just limited on time personally (this macro took a lot longer the it should have for me)

i also attached a brellsbounty.ini which if you buy everything you can from vendors and source brells bounty and have some / farm some / bought some from bazaar it'll do all the sub combines in order to make the final item, if you tweak numbers and buy enough you could potentially max baking out with it. I haven't tested it at all, i don't have any brells bounty and im headed to bed... i'll test tomorrow or if someone else has a go and i typo'd something let me know :p
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  1. Temp fix until I rewrite

    same usage as previous, make sure to not have stacks of materials in a top level inventory slot...