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Quest / Event Simple group macro for Zlandicar Reborn Beta 3

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Software Requirements
MQ2Nav, ECBQ, MQ2Eskay and other combat macros for alts.
Server Type
This is a very simple macro for ZL mission. This is setup for a SK with MQ2Eskay. When you park your group next to Watcher Scots (The Western Wastes). Type /mac ZL on your SK with MQ2eskay load . This will get instance, setup ma on Sk, zone in group, run to dragon, start up KA or Plugins(You need to Adj.), hail and say the command to start. Also for SK will start Deflection Discipline to give time for the plugin to un pause. When Chest spawns it will move too chest and end macro.

Btw This will mark your Sk to MA, and you need to edit this macro to adjust for KA/Muleassist/RGMerc/Plugins.

This is in beta. I'm not a real code. so simple macro
Please message me if you see a bugs or any suggestion for upgrades.

Thank you,

P.S Let the force be with you!

If you want KA for Sk beside MQ2eskay change this part.
Tested it today it worked, but be sure to have Watcher set to ignore.

/tar Zlandicar
/keypress h
/delay 30
/disc Deflection Discipline
/say Insist
/attack on
/doability Taunt
/doability Bash
/delay 900
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Beta 3

    added a delay to help with /ready repeat.
  2. Update

    Added high timer on zone in, and lines for plugin to set on manual before zoning in and 100...