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Quest / Event 22nd Anniversary mission Aug hunter BETA 2

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Software Requirements
Server Type
🏢 Live
Needed EQBC, Mesh and MQ2Nav and CWTN Plugins.
This is a beta.

For 22nd Anniversary Unity Mission Aug Hunter.
This is setup for CWTN Plugins. I have it setup for SK and my Zerk and Shm. Untested I added War and Enc to Invs.

What this does,

At the npc guy Quest Giver: Guard Blevins. It will set MA for SK/War who running macro. it will get quest and zone in, run and kill 2 commander and do the says and wait until ph or name spawn. End macro so you can enjoy the Kill. Shm will do lev and invs, also Enc will invs.

*****BETA 2 - Will run to the name and kill it ********

This is only setup for CWTN Plugins, and need to setup Alias command
/noparse /bcaa //alias /cwtn /noparse /bcg //docommand /${Me.Class.ShortName}
/noparse /bcaa //alias /cwtna /noparse /bcga //docommand /${Me.Class.ShortName}

test it too
/cwtna mode 0
this will make you mode 0 on CWTN Plugins.
(If this isn't setup, Macro willn't work correctly)

Alias hotkey info is from Sic link below
Utility - Sic's Hotkeys | RedGuides: EverQuest Multi-boxing Community

Happy Hunting
First release
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