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Combat Assist Simple Assist Macro UF build+? 1.1

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Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server
Someone on THF requested assistance with an assist macro. I smashed together something pretty simple and not at all intelligent for their melee toons. I don't really have any intention of keeping this updated or including any new features. I just figured I'd share it since it appeared to work well for it's intended purpose.

This uses an INI by character name. Assist_${Me.CleanName}.ini

usage /mac assist

by default it will melee, it will use a camp, it will not chase assist, camp radius is 60 and it will assist at <96%

at start it checks for chaseassist and usecamp to both be true and if they are it will turn off chaseassist. Only one or the other can be true otherwise interesting things will happen.

AssistTargetName is who to follow around, not who to /assist.
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