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Utility Sacrifice.mac 2020-09-24

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Automates getting a necromancer to de-level a character to a specified level by using the spell Sacrifice. I use this for power levelling (mainly to get power-levellers back to 85 or 90) so the power levellers don't go outside the 30 level range, or the zone they use ends up going light blue/green.

Idea based on an earlier macro by @Armyboxer99


  1. Victim and necromancer MUST be grouped.
  2. MQ2DanNet on both toons.
  3. A level 51 + Necromancer with the spell Sacrifice in their spellbook and a ton of emeralds (approx 13 per level required). It doesn't buy these for you.


Note; It will take you down to the level +20% (ish), making the assumption while you want to be that level with some insurance XP, but with plenty of level left so you don't have to start the process again for a while!
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Latest updates

  1. Bug Fixes

    A few changes, nothing too onerous. It should warn you if you are not grouped with a victim now.

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Out-mofo-standing! Piece of cake to get yourself some EE's. Burning down my Hatchery bard.
Works without hassle as expected. Thers nothing I could suggest, to make it better. Well done!