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Utility Ghetto Magelo 2019-12-18

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Other Authors
Sym, and whoever wrote showbonuses/inventory.mac
Software Requirements
Server Type
🏢 Live
Dumps information about a toon into an ini file. I do this to keep track of where I need to get better gear, more AA etc etc.

It expects there to be a "Reports" directory inside the directory you run the mac in.

Example output:-

Stats=<CHARACTERNAME> -(Gnome Shadow Knight): Lvl 105 (99.14 %)  7468 AA 85 unspent AA. HP 144591  AC 4492/2276 (Mitigation/Evasion) Mana 112365
Current Zone=<CURRENT ZONE>

Cash=1202831pp 6091g 5239s
Marks of Valor=3551
Remnants of Tranquility=10312

Gem1=Impose for Power Rk. II
Gem2=Terror of Narus Rk. II
Gem3=Spear of Vizat Rk. II
Gem4=Touch of Lutzen
Gem5=Touch of Holmein
Gem6=Dire Declaration
Gem7=Bond of Bonemaw
Gem8=Dichotomic Fang
Gem9=Bonemaw's Bite Rk. II
Gem10=Staunch Stance Rk. II
Gem11=Vizat's Skin
Gem12=Livio's Covenant

Mana= +65956
HpRegen=+114 / 45
Accuracy=+166 / 300
Damage Shield=+36 / 40
Strikethrough=+36% / 45
Combat Effects=+103 / 125
Avoidance=+112 / 300
Shielding=+37% / 45
Spellshield=+36% / 45
ManaBonus= +81409
Stun Resist=+37% / 45
DoT Shielding=+36% / 45

Slot0=charm -- Zueria Slide: Skyfire -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/146382 ( Stone of the Landing -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/132819 )
Slot1=leftear -- Bone Earring -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/148114 ( Resplendent Sulstone of Swiftness -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147205 ) ( Glittering Amber Fragment -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/148189 )
Slot2=head -- Sebilisian Dragonscale Helm -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147614 ( Resplendent Sulstone of Deftness -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147204 ) ( Blood-Soaked Spellstone -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/121304 ) ( Stone of Tranquility -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/57000 ) ( Insidious Plate Helm Ornament -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/87746 )
Slot3=face -- Mask of Dust -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/148118 ( Resplendent Sulstone of Deftness -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147204 ) ( Hypocricy -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147232 )
Slot4=rightear -- Exalted Earring -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147262 ( Resplendent Sulstone of Deftness -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147204 ) ( Lifeweaver's Symbol -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/121301 )
Slot5=neck -- Strifetorn Necklace -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147268 ( Resplendent Sulstone of Deftness -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147204 ) ( Double Pronged Grendlaen Incisor -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/128473 )
Slot6=shoulder -- Haltha's Pauldrons -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/148127 ( Resplendent Sulstone of Swiftness -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147205 ) ( Timeworn Bone Shard -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/105779 )
Slot7=arms -- Sebilisian Dragonscale Vambraces -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147615 ( Resplendent Sulstone of Deftness -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147204 ) ( Condensed Desiccated Bile -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147241 ) ( Stone of Tranquility -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/57000 ) ( Insidious Plate Arms Ornament -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/87748 )
Slot8=back -- Johan's Coral Covered Cloak -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/140148 ( Token of the Waveswept -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/140597 ) ( Irae Faycite Shard: Dire Declaration -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/114659 )
Slot9=leftwrist -- Sebilisian Dragonscale Bracer -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147611 ( Resplendent Sulstone of Deftness -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147204 ) ( Drop of Dread -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/105777 ) ( Stone of Tranquility -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/57000 ) ( Insidious Plate Wrist Ornament -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/87749 )
Slot10=rightwrist -- Sebilisian Dragonscale Bracer -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147611 ( Resplendent Sulstone of Deftness -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147204 ) ( Barrier of Coalesced Clouds -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/128472 ) ( Stone of Tranquility -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/57000 )
Slot11=ranged -- Mosscovered Longbow -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/148169 ( Glowing Lena Fete Rune -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/61060 )
Slot12=hands -- Sebilisian Dragonscale Gauntlets -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147612 ( Resplendent Sulstone of Deftness -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147204 ) ( Shimmering Heart of the Phantasm -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/121302 ) ( Stone of Tranquility -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/57000 ) ( Insidious Plate Hands Ornament -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/87750 )
Slot13=mainhand -- Chronomagic Axe -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/85195 ( Blessing of Might -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/121308 )
Slot14=offhand -- Burnished Wurmscale Aegis -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/148145 ( Resplendent Sulstone of Swiftness -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147205 ) ( Rationalist's Sigil -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147240 )
Slot15=leftfinger -- Shadowhunter's Ring -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/148186 ( Icy Prism of Avoidance -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/42150 ) ( Slippery Slimerock -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/120102 )
Slot16=rightfinger -- Ring of Joy -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/148136 ( Resplendent Sulstone of Swiftness -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147205 ) ( Treant Refuse -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/120504 )
Slot17=chest -- Sebilisian Dragonscale Breastplate -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147617 ( Resplendent Sulstone of Deftness -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147204 ) ( Ksathrax's Amber -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/105963 ) ( Stone of Tranquility -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/57000 ) ( Insidious Plate Chest Ornament -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/87747 )
Slot18=legs -- Sebilisian Dragonscale Greaves -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147616 ( Resplendent Sulstone of Deftness -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147204 ) ( Curator's Treasure -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/105965 ) ( Stone of Tranquility -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/57000 ) ( Insidious Plate Legs Ornament -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/87751 )
Slot19=feet -- Sebilisian Dragonscale Boots -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147613 ( Resplendent Sulstone of Deftness -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/147204 ) ( Inflexible Scale -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/132565 ) ( Stone of Tranquility -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/57000 ) ( Insidious Plate Feet Ornament -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/87752 )
Slot20=waist -- Freebooter's Plated Girdle -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/141481 ( Soapstone Crystal -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/128474 )
Slot21=powersource -- EMPTY
Slot22=ammo -- Huntsman's Ethereal Quiver -- http://eq.magelo.com/item/121333

AA0=Enduring Reproval|1|3
AA1=Extended Gift|5|7
AA2=Focus: Dire Declaration|4|6
AA3=Focus: Spear of Vizat|4|6
AA4=Focus: Touch of Holmein|4|6
AA5=Focus: Touch of Lutzen|4|6
AA6=Hastened Deflection Discipline|10|10
AA7=Hastened Gouging Blades|3|3
AA8=Hastened Leechcurse Discipline|9|9
AA9=Hastened Lifetaps|2|5
AA10=Hastened Undivided Acrimony|4|5
AA11=Hastened Unholy Aura Discipline|3|3
AA12=Improved Demand for Power|9|10
AA13=Knight's Synergy|6|11
AA14=Abyssal Steed|1|1
AA16=Chaotic Jester|1|1
AA17=Expedient Recovery|1|1
AA18=Harmonic Dissonance|1|1
AA19=Infusion of the Faithful|1|1
AA20=Item: Ancient Flames|8|8
AA21=Item: Disable Item Abilities|1|1
AA22=Item: Expanding Mind XV|25|33
AA23=Item: Form of Defense XIX|18|29
AA24=Item: Form of Endurance XX|19|30
AA25=Item: Knowledge of the Past XVIII|23|30
AA26=Item: Might of Stone I|3|16
AA27=Item: Myrmidon's Skill X|10|15
AA28=Item: Prismatic Ward XI|15|30
AA29=Lesson of the Devoted|1|1
AA30=Staunch Recovery|1|1
AA31=Steadfast Servant|1|1
AA32=Steed of Souls|1|1
AA33=Unholy Steed|1|1
AA34=Wicked Steed|1|1
AA35=Bloodthirsty Blade|11|16
AA36=Cascading Theft of Defense|12|17
AA37=Cascading Theft of Life|9|10
AA38=Chattering Bones|16|19
AA39=Dark Absorption|1|1
AA40=Explosion of Hatred|8|9
AA41=Explosion of Spite|7|8
AA42=Focused Bites|2|3
AA43=Fundament: First Spire of the Reavers|8|9
AA44=Fundament: Second Spire of the Reavers|8|9
AA45=Fundament: Third Spire of the Reavers|9|9
AA46=Gift of the Quick Spear|1|1
AA47=Harm Touch|31|34
AA48=Hate's Attraction|13|15
AA49=Intense Hatred|30|40
AA50=Leech Touch|42|47
AA51=Lingering Death|4|4
AA52=Mortal Coil|12|17
AA53=Presence of Fear: Enabled|4|6
AA54=Purity of Death|3|3
AA55=Reaver's Bargain|2|2
AA56=Reinforced Malaise|5|5
AA57=Rest the Dead|6|7
AA58=Scourge Skin|7|9
AA59=Soul Abrasion|15|17
AA60=Soul Flay: Enabled|18|24
AA61=Stream of Hatred|5|9
AA62=T`Vyl's Resolve|8|8
AA63=Theft of Life|25|29
AA64=Thought Leech|10|11
AA65=Touch of the Cursed|28|30
AA66=Veil of Darkness|3|3
AA67=Vicious Bite of Chaos|10|11
AA68=Visage of Death|16|16
AA69=Visage of Decay|9|10
AA70=Voice of Thule|3|3
AA71=Ageless Enmity|9|10
AA72=Bobbing Corpse|3|3
AA73=Bold Attacks: Enabled|16|16
AA74=Burst of Power|62|72
AA75=Cloak of Shadows|2|2
AA76=Combat Fury|6|8
AA77=Companion's Aegis|5|5
AA78=Companion's Discipline|10|12
AA79=Companion's Fortification|118|155
AA80=Companion's Fury|69|110
AA81=Companion's Intervening Divine Aura|10|10
AA82=Companion's Suspension|7|8
AA83=Critical Affliction|11|12
AA84=Death Peace|18|18
AA85=Death's Effigy|1|1
AA86=Destructive Cascade|39|39
AA87=Destructive Fury|21|24
AA88=Double Riposte|6|6
AA89=Dreadlord's Defiance|3|6
AA90=Embalmer's Efficiency|7|7
AA91=Encroaching Darkness|15|18
AA92=Enhanced Aggression|43|60
AA93=Expansive Mind|44|45
AA94=Extended Swarm|13|15
AA95=Fear Resistance|4|4
AA96=Finishing Blow|32|35
AA97=Forceful Rejuvenation|10|10
AA98=Fury of Magic|21|21
AA99=Gift of Mana|10|11
AA100=Group Perfected Invisibility to Undead|1|1
AA102=Hate Step|7|7
AA103=Immobilizing Bash|18|21
AA104=Intrinsic Efficiency|6|6
AA105=Knight's Return Strike|3|5
AA106=Knight's Sedulity|1|1
AA107=Knight's Weapon Mastery|6|6
AA108=Mastery of the Past|38|43
AA109=Mental Clarity|45|46
AA110=Mental Stamina|31|43
AA111=Mirrored Pestilence|6|6
AA112=Mnemonic Retention|4|5
AA113=Persistent Casting|15|15
AA114=Physical Enhancement|5|12
AA115=Projection of Doom|5|8
AA116=Quick Damage|2|5
AA117=Shield Block|21|23
AA118=Shield Flash|1|1
AA119=Spell Casting Deftness|3|3
AA120=Spell Casting Mastery|4|4
AA121=Spell Casting Reinforcement|5|7
AA122=Steadfast Will|8|8
AA124=Summon Companion|4|4
AA125=Summon Remains|4|4
AA128=Two-Handed Bash|1|1
AA129=Unbridled Strike of Fear|4|4
AA130=Veteran's Wrath|27|30
AA131=Vicious Smash|27|40
AA132=Weapon Affinity|10|15
AA133=Weapon Stances: Enabled|2|2
AA134=Armor of Wisdom|25|35
AA135=Battle Ready|4|4
AA136=Combat Agility|59|69
AA137=Combat Stability|66|78
AA138=Delay Death|46|65
AA139=Discordant Defiance|24|25
AA140=Energetic Attunement|25|25
AA141=Enhanced Reformation|5|45
AA142=Eyes Wide Open|8|8
AA143=First Aid|13|13
AA144=General Sturdiness|45|60
AA145=Hybrid Research|10|23
AA147=Innate Darkblade|17|18
AA148=Innate Eminence|15|30
AA149=Innate Lung Capacity|6|6
AA150=Innate Metabolism|3|5
AA151=Innate Regeneration|44|49
AA152=Innate Run Speed|5|7
AA153=Innate See Invis|1|1
AA154=Innate Spell Resistance|20|40
AA155=Mental Fortitude|3|3
AA156=Mystical Attuning|24|24
AA157=Mystical Shield|1|1
AA158=Natural Durability|11|21
AA159=New Tanaan Crafting Mastery|6|6
AA162=Planar Power|60|70
AA165=Veteran's Enhancement|1|1
AA1=Enduring Reproval|M|5
AA2=Extended Decrepit Skin|M|5
AA3=Extended Gift|M|5
AA4=Extended Steely Stance|M|5
AA5=Focus: Blood of Bonemaw|M|5
AA6=Focus: Bond of Bonemaw|M|5
AA7=Focus: Bonemaw's Bite|M|5
AA8=Focus: Deceitful Blight|M|5
AA9=Focus: Deceitful Deflection|M|5
AA10=Focus: Dire Declaration|M|5
AA11=Focus: Dire Strangulation|M|5
AA12=Focus: Plague of Holmein|M|5
AA13=Focus: Spear of Vizat|M|5
AA14=Focus: Spreading Darkness|M|5
AA15=Focus: Touch of Holmein|M|5
AA16=Focus: Touch of Lutzen|M|5
AA17=Hastened Lifetaps|M|5
AA18=Hastened Undivided Acrimony|M|5
AA19=Improved Demand for Power|M|5
AA20=Improved Spite of Ronak|M|5
AA21=Knight's Synergy|M|5
AA23=Curse of Blood|M|4
AA24=Essence of the Dragon|M|4
AA25=Glyph of Angry Thoughts (65-69)|M|4
AA26=Glyph of Arcane Secrets (65-69)|M|4
AA27=Glyph of Destruction (65-69)|M|4
AA28=Glyph of Dragon Scales (65-69)|M|4
AA29=Glyph of Fireworks I|M|4
AA30=Glyph of Fireworks II|M|4
AA31=Hero's Barracks|M|4
AA32=Hero's Fortitude|M|4
AA33=Hero's Resolution|M|4
AA34=Hero's Vitality|M|4
AA35=Item: Expanding Mind XV|M|4
AA36=Item: Firefist|M|4
AA37=Item: Form of Defense XIX|M|4
AA38=Item: Form of Endurance XX|M|4
AA39=Item: Form of Protection I|M|4
AA40=Item: Form of Rejuvenation I|M|4
AA41=Item: Gnoll Reaver Fortitude|M|4
AA42=Item: Knowledge of the Past XVIII|M|4
AA43=Item: Might of Stone I|M|4
AA44=Item: Myrmidon's Skill X|M|4
AA45=Item: Prismatic Ward XI|M|4
AA46=Journeyman's Speed|M|4
AA47=Trials of Mata Muram|M|4
AA48=Trophy Collector|M|4
AA49=Bloodthirsty Blade|M|3
AA50=Cascading Theft of Defense|M|3
AA51=Cascading Theft of Life|M|3
AA52=Chattering Bones|M|3
AA53=Dark Lord's Unity (Azia)|M|3
AA54=Dark Lord's Unity (Beza)|M|3
AA55=Explosion of Hatred|M|3
AA56=Explosion of Spite|M|3
AA57=Focused Bites|M|3
AA58=Fundament: First Spire of the Reavers|M|3
AA59=Fundament: Second Spire of the Reavers|M|3
AA60=Harm Touch|M|3
AA61=Hate's Attraction|M|3
AA62=Intense Hatred|M|3
AA63=Leech Touch|M|3
AA64=Mortal Coil|M|3
AA65=Presence of Fear: Enabled|M|3
AA66=Rest the Dead|M|3
AA67=Scourge Skin|M|3
AA68=Soul Abrasion|M|3
AA69=Soul Flay: Enabled|M|3
AA70=Stream of Hatred|M|3
AA71=Theft of Life|M|3
AA72=Thought Leech|M|3
AA73=Touch of the Cursed|M|3
AA74=Vicious Bite of Chaos|M|3
AA75=Visage of Decay|M|3
AA76=Ageless Enmity|M|2
AA77=Burst of Power|M|2
AA78=Combat Fury|M|2
AA79=Companion's Discipline|M|2
AA80=Companion's Fortification|M|2
AA81=Companion's Fury|M|2
AA82=Companion's Suspension|M|2
AA83=Critical Affliction|M|2
AA84=Destructive Fury|M|2
AA85=Dreadlord's Defiance|M|2
AA86=Encroaching Darkness|M|2
AA87=Enhanced Aggression|M|2
AA88=Expansive Mind|M|2
AA89=Extended Swarm|M|2
AA90=Finishing Blow|M|2
AA91=Gift of Mana|M|2
AA92=Immobilizing Bash|M|2
AA93=Knight's Return Strike|M|2
AA94=Mastery of the Past|M|2
AA95=Mental Clarity|M|2
AA96=Mental Stamina|M|2
AA97=Mnemonic Retention|M|2
AA98=Physical Enhancement|M|2
AA99=Projection of Doom|M|2
AA100=Quick Damage|M|2
AA101=Shield Block|M|2
AA102=Spell Casting Reinforcement|M|2
AA105=Veteran's Wrath|M|2
AA106=Vicious Smash|M|2
AA107=Weapon Affinity|M|2
AA108=Armor of Wisdom|M|1
AA109=Baking Mastery|M|1
AA110=Blacksmithing Mastery|M|1
AA111=Brewing Mastery|M|1
AA112=Combat Agility|M|1
AA113=Combat Stability|M|1
AA114=Delay Death|M|1
AA115=Discordant Defiance|M|1
AA116=Enhanced Reformation|M|1
AA117=Fishing Mastery|M|1
AA118=Fletching Mastery|M|1
AA120=General Sturdiness|M|1
AA121=Hybrid Research|M|1
AA122=Innate Darkblade|M|1
AA123=Innate Eminence|M|1
AA124=Innate Metabolism|M|1
AA125=Innate Regeneration|M|1
AA126=Innate Run Speed|M|1
AA127=Innate Spell Resistance|M|1
AA128=Jewel Craft Mastery|M|1
AA129=Natural Durability|M|1
AA130=Persistent Illusions|M|1
AA131=Planar Power|M|1
AA132=Pottery Mastery|M|1
AA133=Tailoring Mastery|M|1
AA137=Pottery Mastery|M|1
AA138=Tailoring Mastery|M|1
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