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Utility RemoveStuffFromGuildBank 5/2/2021

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🏢 Live Test
Really quick and dirty macro to pull everything out of your guildbank.

It assumes items are public and you're looking at those public items (if interest i'll put more details to ensure this is the case)

open your guild banker window and /mac RemoveStuffFromGuildBank
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Latest updates

  1. Update - thx for report Robban

    - Updated for the out of index error - no clue how longs its been broken, i can't imagine its a...
  2. Changed the title of this macro since i got told I was "Scum" since it was called "GuildRob"

    It should go without saying this macro is not to "Rob a guild" (which would be pretty tough as...
  3. increased cursor delay to help with higher server latency

    increased cursor delay to help with higher server latency