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RedGuides Launcher - Beta

Work in Progress RedGuides Launcher - Beta 1.0.31

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Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server
You have been warned!

Please for the love of god back up your MQ2 installs, or install in new locations. I will not be held responsible if your stuff gets messed up before the official release of the tool.


Please post any issues you find in this thread. Thanks.

What the heck is this thing?
This is a new desktop utility for managing your Very Vanilla installs as well as the installs for your favorite plugins and other resources that do not come with Very Vanilla. This is a single application that manages all three current server types, and is based on the OAuth protocol for authenticating against the forums (translated, you log in to the website, not the application). Login tokens are user AND machine specific.

  1. Download and run the installer.
  2. Choose a location if you wish and complete the installation. Default install location is ProgramData. ** Do Not install into your MQ2 folder :P
  3. Run the application.
  4. Click login
  5. Authenticate in the browser window that opens, and then click Authorize Application.
  6. Once auth is done, go back to the app.
  7. Click on the settings tab.
  8. Select the install locations for the server types you wish to manage with the application
    1. Note: The required location is the folder that MacroQuest2.exe is in or will be in. For example if your MQ2.exe is in D:\RedGuides\Release, this is the folder you should choose.
  9. Once the folders are set, go to the Very Vanilla tab, select the appropriate server type in the dropdown and click install.
  10. The tool is now ready to manage your Very Vanilla installs of MQ2.
  11. Optional: Navigate to the Plugins/Macros tabs and install the resources you see fit
    1. Plugins tab shows all plugins that are currently downloadable (you have appropriate access, and there is an actual file to be downloaded that is not an externally hosted file)
    2. Macros will requires that you "Watch" the resource in the resource manager, like so:


Known Issues:
  • Closing the browser window during auth, without first completing the auth process, will require the application to be restarted before authentication can complete succesfully
  • If EQBCS is running as a service the app can not currently stop the process to do the update. The service will need to be manually stopped so that the update can complete succesfully. This will be addressed in a future release.
  • If there are EQ clients running that have not been issued an /unload command, then the app will not be able to update DLLs that are currently injected into those processes. Even if MQ2 is closed these DLLs will still remain locked. Either close out of all EQ clients, or issue a /unload in each client before attempting the update. There is currently no way to correct this as there is no way for the app to submit the unload command to the clients.
  • Still missing some progress indicators on some of the longer running processes.
  • Settings and user data, including last installed date for Very Vanilla and Resources, are currently preserved through an uninstall and reinstall of the application. A future version of the installer will allow this data to be removed.
Future Plans:
  • Add in support for managing 3rd party applications such as MySEQ
  • Add launch buttons for MQ2 and EQBCS
  • Add the ability to select and watch resources directly from within the app
  • Add the ability to rate or redcent resources from within the app
  • Embed an EQBCS module (if people actually want this)
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Latest updates

  1. Formatting on the Plugins and Macros pages

    Updated the formatting on the list items for the Plugins and Macros pages
  2. Dont show up to date box on launch

    The dialog for latest version already installed will no longer show on application launch
  3. Update All and then some

    Added Update All button to Plugins tab (will add to Macros tab next version) Added option to...