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Utility Ready.mac - Start an instance and get your team in without raising eyebrows 1.03

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Software Requirements
Server Type
1) Start an instance.
2) /mac ready

Your chars will do the rest in discrete fashion.

| v1.03 by AmericanNero April 23, 2021
| Usage: /mac ready triggerword(optional) taskgiver(optional)
| Example: Start the instance, and while targetting the taskgiver, do
| /mac ready, and everyone in scope will join the instance when it is
| ready. Use dannet or eqbcs, or however you like to network your team(s).
| The default trigger word is "ready". An optional trigger word parameter
| is provided for older instances.
| Remember to enclose any multi-word parameters in quotes.
| Instances require 45s to instantiate and randomized time padding is added.
| If a char is too far away, it will move to the taskgiver the leader has
| targetted, or specified.
| If the system is slow, it will pause 5s before trying to get task info.
| If a char hasn't acquired the task giver via assist or parameter, it will
| move to the leader then attempt to assist again, then go to the taskgiver.
| Characters will begin moving after some randomized interval, and thus
| arrived staggered.
| There are time interval parameters you may tinker with at the top of
| Sub Main. You are encouraged to tweak them to your preference, but I
| strongly advise you maintain some variability so you avoid the "ready"
| burst which makes automation obvious. There is a parameter for whether
| invis should be dropped prior to triggering, as well.
| Future - If I am motivated. A char may even try to get in early!
| There is a non-functioning parameter to enable/disable this feature.
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