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Utility portgroup.mac by kaen01 1.0

Server Type
Live, Test Server
Decided to play around a bit to see if i could automate finding, listing and casting a group portal spell, without having everything listed in the mac.
..turns out i could.

So cleaned it up, made it look pretty and colorful.

Usage: /mac portgroup to list triggers, spellname and what zones they go to.
/mac portgroup trigger to port to that zone.

It does not use mq2cast to mem and cast spell, as mq2cast has a bug that makes it not able to cast port spells properly.
so there is no error handling if casting goes wrong, this will maybe come at a later date. but other than that, several casts later nothing has gone wrong for me during testing.

if you like the mac, or learn something from it, id appreciate a thanks, do not give thanks to gse7en at all!.

Rich (BB code):
|portgroup.mac 5/25/2018 by kaen01
Sub Main
	/declare i	int	local 0
	/declare k	int	local 0
	/if (!${Defined[Param0]}) {
		/echo \a-g.:\agGroup Portal Spells\a-g:.
		/echo \a-g.:\agUsage: \at/mac portgroup \at[\aytrigger\at]
	} else {
		/echo \agLooking for portal trigger \at[\ay${Param0}\at]
	/for i 1 to 800
		/if (${Me.Book[${i}].Category.Equal[Transport]} && ${Me.Book[${i}].TargetType.Find[Group v1]}  && !${Me.Book[${i}].Name.Find[Succor]}) {
			/if (!${Defined[Param0]}) {
				/varcalc k ${k}+1
				/echo \ay${k}: \at${Me.Book[${i}].Extra} \ay= \ao${Me.Book[${i}].Name} :: \a-t${Zone[${Me.Book[${i}].Extra}].Name}
			} else /if (${Me.Book[${i}].Extra.Equal[${Param0}]}) {
				/echo \agMemming \at[\ay${Me.Book[${i}].Name}\at]
				/MemSpell 1 "${Me.Book[${i}].Name}"
				/while (!${Me.SpellReady[${Me.Book[${i}].Name}]}) {
					/delay 5
				/delay 1s
				/echo \agCasting \at[\ay${Me.Book[${i}].Name}\at]
				/cast "${Me.Book[${i}].Name}"
				/while (${Me.Casting.ID}) {
					/delay 5
	/next i
	/if (${Defined[Param0]}) /echo \at[\ay${Param0}\at] \arNot a trigger for a group based portal spell.
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