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Utility portgroup.mac by kaen01 1.0

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🏢 Live Test
Decided to play around a bit to see if i could automate finding, listing and casting a group portal spell, without having everything listed in the mac.
..turns out i could.

So cleaned it up, made it look pretty and colorful.

Usage: /mac portgroup to list triggers, spellname and what zones they go to.
/mac portgroup trigger to port to that zone.

It does not use mq2cast to mem and cast spell, as mq2cast has a bug that makes it not able to cast port spells properly.
so there is no error handling if casting goes wrong, this will maybe come at a later date. but other than that, several casts later nothing has gone wrong for me during testing.

if you like the mac, or learn something from it, id appreciate a thanks, do not give thanks to gse7en at all!.

Rich (BB code):
|portgroup.mac 5/25/2018 by kaen01
Sub Main
	/declare i	int	local 0
	/declare k	int	local 0
	/if (!${Defined[Param0]}) {
		/echo \a-g.:\agGroup Portal Spells\a-g:.
		/echo \a-g.:\agUsage: \at/mac portgroup \at[\aytrigger\at]
	} else {
		/echo \agLooking for portal trigger \at[\ay${Param0}\at]
	/for i 1 to 800
		/if (${Me.Book[${i}].Category.Equal[Transport]} && ${Me.Book[${i}].TargetType.Find[Group v1]}  && !${Me.Book[${i}].Name.Find[Succor]}) {
			/if (!${Defined[Param0]}) {
				/varcalc k ${k}+1
				/echo \ay${k}: \at${Me.Book[${i}].Extra} \ay= \ao${Me.Book[${i}].Name} :: \a-t${Zone[${Me.Book[${i}].Extra}].Name}
			} else /if (${Me.Book[${i}].Extra.Equal[${Param0}]}) {
				/echo \agMemming \at[\ay${Me.Book[${i}].Name}\at]
				/MemSpell 1 "${Me.Book[${i}].Name}"
				/while (!${Me.SpellReady[${Me.Book[${i}].Name}]}) {
					/delay 5
				/delay 1s
				/echo \agCasting \at[\ay${Me.Book[${i}].Name}\at]
				/cast "${Me.Book[${i}].Name}"
				/while (${Me.Casting.ID}) {
					/delay 5
	/next i
	/if (${Defined[Param0]}) /echo \at[\ay${Param0}\at] \arNot a trigger for a group based portal spell.
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Latest reviews

This is a great macro for any group that has a wizard or druid! Some edits can be made to change /echo to /dgt (for dannet) so the leader can see the port list. The leader can then send the command to the wizard or druid to take the group to one of the locations in the list. Awesome macro! Thanks Kaen!