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Parcel.mac by Chatwiththisname

Unmaintained Parcel.mac by Chatwiththisname 1.0

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So Almar has been asking someone to make him a parcelbot. I took up the challenge. I wasn't far into it when Plure brought up the thread for Saar's ParcelBot and I was like....well wth am I am doing writing another if there's already one out there?

Then it occured to me that everyone likes something different. Almar wanted it for a specific reason, so after borrowing two subs from Saar's code (Commented as his inside macro) I went on to create this one.

This one is designed to have multiple recipients with up to 20 items sent per recipient (you can always just list the same recipient multiple times).

There is a quantity option for items that stack. There is no error checking other then making sure you have at least the quantity specified in your bags. But don't set the quantity higher than the stack size, it very well may freak out the macro :)

Rich (BB code):
ItemToSend2=Raw Diamond
ItemToSend3=Blue Diamond
ItemToSend4=Fanciful Mask of Joyful Slaying
ItemToSend5=Badge of the Resolute Defender
ItemToSend6=Band of Corporeal Resurgence
ItemToSend7=Dawnlight Zweihander

Example section of INI above.

If you don't have the quantity selected it'll just skip the item after telling you that you don't have the quantity listed.

It doesn't send until the value is reached, IE: Sending 30 diamonds, but stack size is 20, it doesn't send 20, then send 10 more. Could it be added? Sure. But you could also just not do that :)
@Coinstop This would be good for contest item sending as you already know what the winners would get you could fill it out in advance and then add the names once you pick winners.

For others, you could Set your preferred Bazaar mule as the recipient 20 times and then go through and add all the items you farm to the list. Then when you've collected items just go to you preferred parcel vendor, don't even have to open em up, just stand close and /mac parcelbot

First run generates an INI for 20 recipients with up to 20 items per recipient then ends telling you to edit the INI.

Input parcel vendor's name, the recipient, the items to send, and save.

Run it again and it should start sending items :)

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