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Utility MQ2Status

Amazing addition, Saves me hours of time rummaging through my boxes for that one thing I need. Also lets me keep my subs and Krono usage organized!
5 stars - quality of life upgrade
Super useful plugin. No more flipping screen to screen to see which toon didn't start their macro/plugin or was still paused.

The quick counts of items in inventory is great on zerkers too, can see how many axe components everybody has in a quick report to your MQ2 window.
This is awesome. Just found it... surprised it isn't baked into to Vanilla (enabled by default).
Pretty much everything I needed including partial searches (eg: /dgga /status item memory)
the quickest way to figure out what my toons are missing without tabbing through them all. SO HELPFUL! A daily use case for me.
I don't know why it took me so long to find this or how I survived without it. One of the best little efficiency plugins ever.